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Genre Photography – Someone who has been in the world of photography for a long time, of course, is no stranger and will easily determine the different types of photography genres, but don’t worry about those of you who are still in the early stages of the world. Photography. This article explains the different genres of photography.

What is a photographic genre? Genre of photography is the photo stream or types of photography, every different moment or object usually has a different genre, natural objects with people, objects with animals, sports with food and so on.

Genre Photography

A person who is usually involved in the world of photography uses many different styles of photography rather than focusing on just one genre, and sometimes even those who love photography have tried many of the styles that exist.

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Apart from discussing the various genres of photography, this article will surely give you tips so that you can easily choose and use the available genres of photography. Here are some photo genres:

Macro photography is a genre of photography that focuses on photographing small objects or animals. The purpose of this variant is to obtain more detailed and clear images. If you want to apply this variant, you need to shoot objects at close range.

In addition, to get maximum results, it is recommended that you use a special lens for this genre, for example a 50mm lens. Tips if you want to take macro photos, treat macro photos as detailed photos, and make sure to hold your camera steady.

Also, if you want to take a live subject such as an animal, make sure not to disturb the animal as it will make it difficult to photograph the animal.

Pro Tips That Work In Any Genre Of Photography

This genre of photography is one that uses people as subjects, usually around their normal activities, facial expressions, and their interactions with each other. Human interest usually evokes a sense of empathy from the viewer.

To make this photo easy, we really need to go to places where many people are doing activities, in addition we need to be someone who communicates easily with other people, so it is easy to talk with the object or dig up information. We and objects do not feel uncomfortable with each other.

This genre of photography usually takes photos of activities or activities on the streets or outdoors, for example, such as roads, markets, terminals or other public spaces. The essence of this genre of photography is to capture outdoor activities or activities.

In addition, for those of you who want to take on this genre, of course, you have to act fast, because opportunities on the street or outdoors do not last long.

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This type of photography is usually done by journalists, of course, to support the news he is doing. This photography tells about the happening events or in other words current news. But not all of these photography styles are used by journalists, sometimes photographers also take this genre.

However, it is different from other photography, the name must be true because it is media photography and we also have to uphold the journalistic code of ethics as journalism.

As the name itself clearly captures the moments when one gets married or pre-marriage, this photography is really a couple’s object, usually every couple has some theme that varies from indoor or outdoor location.

In order to achieve maximum results, we must act quickly so that marriage opportunities do not repeat themselves, and in addition, we must understand the character of each partner so that we can see how each partner’s expressions are good for immortality.

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This genre captures images or situations from natural landscapes. For example the size of the sea, mountains, fields or valleys. For those of you who like this genre, of course it has its challenges, if you see this is a photo taken to capture nature.

Of course we will be far from the traffic of the city or the houses of the residents, so you must prepare enough and complete equipment, or even have to prepare double equipment. For example a camera battery, since we are in nature without electricity, we need to provide an extra battery so that when our camera battery runs out we don’t have to worry.

For those of you who like to take a vacation in nature, it is ideal if you also like this genre of photography. You can take a vacation while doing a hobby, which will actually be fun.

For culinary lovers, this variety is ideal to choose. Because you can take a culinary tour by taking pictures of the food around you. You can enjoy it after taking pictures. Of course, this photography requires our special skills, how simple food can produce good photos and whet the appetite of those who see it.

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To be able to take better food photos, we should use moderate portions of food, not too much. Also, the food should be arranged in order

In recent years, this photo has become more and more appreciated by the public, usually this photography is done under the sea or to capture someone’s exciting activities. If you want to take this photo, of course we have to wear a camera guard or housing in addition to the camera, so that we are free to use the camera and be ready to capture underwater moments and objects.

They are different genres of photography, which one will you choose? I hope this article is useful for you, don’t forget to practice more!The world of photography not only uses live objects like people, animals, but the world of photography covers everything that exists on this earth. If you are interested in entering the world of photography, you will usually choose to shoot several genres of photography.

But not infrequently, photographers choose only one or a few photo genres. Usually one chooses a genre according to his preference. Those of you who are still confused about the genre of photography don’t worry as it will be explained in advance what genre of photography is.

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What is a photographic genre? Genre of photography is the photo stream or types of photography, every different moment or object usually has a different genre, natural objects with people, objects with animals, sports with food and so on.

Every photographer enjoys and produces photographs based on their choice of genre. Although there are many styles of photography, there are some of the most popular styles that are chosen by many photographers in the world, especially in Indonesia. What are the varieties? Here are the 5 most popular photo genres:

This genre carries the theme of people and their daily activities/routines. This genre also works to evoke an emotional feeling in one who sees it. When you’re going to photograph human interest, you need to look for objects that look interesting. From the look on his face to the activities he is doing and where he is.

Many human needs are related to people with adverse conditions such as their economic level. But of course human interest is not limited to that, but the chosen object can be anyone who you think is interesting and belongs to this genre. In order to photograph the human interest, usually a photographer deliberately goes to places where there are many people going about their daily activities.

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For example, a photographer can visit markets, streets or public places. Human interest, or commonly known as HI, prioritizes activities that are photographed or performed around the face area. Because human interest works to create a sense of empathy, the facial expressions of objects must be clearly visible.

Therefore, it is better to take more space or highlight the human interest in a photograph, i.e. the face and the activity at that time. In human interest photography, the photographer is also not allowed to adjust the pose of the subject to be taken, but in this genre of photography, it must be of natural activity without any engineering or stylistic direction.

If you choose to shoot in this genre, make sure you are someone who likes to visit public places with a lot of human activity. Also, make sure you are friendly or good at communicating, and with communication you will be more comfortable taking a photo. Likewise with someone you create an object.

In Indonesia, there are several Instagram accounts, one of which is Indonesian Human Interest. Until now, this account has more than 38,000 followers consisting of different types of photographers from several regions of Indonesia. The account has uploaded over 500 photos, most of which are human interest photos.

Tips For Tackling Documentary Photography

Photos uploaded by this account come from different types of photographers in Indonesia. In addition, this account contains human interest photos from various parts of Indonesia.

Many of the human interest photographs on this account feature subjects from low-income farmers, market transporters, firewood gatherers, fishermen, pedicab drivers, and several other occupations.

One of these genres has also become a popular photography genre. This genre makes animals the main object. When going to shoot this genre, usually a photographer looks for objects in the wild to get good and interesting photographic objects. In addition, to get this photo, a photographer usually has to wait patiently and look for the subject of the shot.

In other words, a photographer who chooses to shoot this genre by waiting outside for a while for a subject to follow, actually takes a lot of time.

Types Of Photography: From Traditional To Modern

The popularity of this genre in Indonesia has led to the establishment of an Indonesian wildlife photography community that has several goals, a place to unite wildlife or wildlife-loving photographers. In addition, the community also works for forest conservation.

The community was founded in 2010 by 4 photographers including Adi Kristanto, Dedy Istanto, Willy Ekariyono, and Agung Angkasa Adi. This community often organizes activities to photograph animals in nature

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