Jenis-jenis Prosesor (types Of Processors)

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Jenis-jenis Prosesor (types Of Processors) – A processor is an IC that controls the entire course of a computer system and is used as the core of the computer to execute and execute tasks.Understanding The processor is often referred to as the ‘brain’ of the computer and is supported by other components.

An IC is a basic component consisting of resistors and transistors, and an IC is a component used as the brain of electronic devices. In computer units, the IC used is a microprocessor, such as the microprocessor found in the Intel Pentium 4. “Microprocessor” sizes now reach gigahertz (GHz). This measure is the number of processor speed in processing data or information.

Jenis-jenis Prosesor (types Of Processors)

The processor is located in the socket provided by the motherboard and can be replaced with another processor as long as it fits into the motherboard socket.

Urutan Prosesor Intel Dari Terendah Sampai Tertinggi

· 1971: 4004 Microprocessor. In 1971 Intel’s first microprocessor appeared, the 4004 microprocessor was used in Busicom calculator machines. This discovery paved the way for embedding artificial intelligence in inanimate objects.

1972: 8008 Microprocessor The 8008 microprocessor appeared in 1972 and was twice as powerful as its 4004 predecessor.

· 1974 : 8080 microprocessor. Being the brains behind the Altair computer, it sold around ten thousand in a month at the time.

· 1978 : 8086-8088 Microprocessor, IBM made a major sale in products for personal computers using the 8088 processor, which succeeded in raising the name of Intel.

Apa Itu Processor: Mengenal Komponen Penting Dalam Komputer

· 1982: The 286 microprocessor, known as the Intel 286 or 80286, was a processor that could recognize and use the software used by earlier processors.

· 1985 : Intel386 ™ microprocessor The Intel 386 is a processor with 275,000 transistors embedded in the processor, 100 times more than the 4004.

· 1989 : The Intel486 ™ DX CPU microprocessor, the first processor, made it easier to reduce the workload on the processor by making complex mathematical operations a click away for various applications that previously required typing commands.

1993 : Intel® Pentium® Processor. A new generation processor capable of handling various types of data such as voice, voice, handwriting and photos.

Perbedaan Processor I3, I5, I7, Dan I9 Mana Yang Lebih Baik?

· 1995 : Intel® Pentium® Processor. A processor designed for use in server and workstation applications, built to process data quickly, this processor has 5.5 million embedded transistors.

· 1997 : Intel® Pentium® II Processor The Pentium II processor is a processor incorporating Intel MMX specifically designed to efficiently process video, audio and graphics data. It incorporates 7.5 million transistors, so with this processor, PC users can process various data and use the internet better.

· 1998 : Intel® Pentium II Xeon® Processor. A processor built for the needs of server applications. Intel at the time wanted to fulfill its strategy of providing a unique processor for a specific market.

· 1999: Intel® Celeron® Processor. The Intel Celeron Processor is a processor released as a processor intended for users who do not need fast processor performance for users who want to build a computer system on a budget (price). . This Intel Celeron processor has the same look and form as Pentium type Intel processor, but with fewer instructions, smaller L2 cache, lower clock speed and cheaper Pentium type than Intel processors. With the release of this Celeron processor, Intel is once again providing a processor for a specific market.

Tips Memilih Processor Terbaik Untuk Gaming, Desain, Dan Editing

1999 : Intel® Pentium® III Processor The Pentium III is a processor with 70 new instructions that dramatically enriches the capabilities of high-level, three-dimensional imaging, streaming audio, video, and speech recognition applications.

· 1999 : Intel® Pentium® III Xeon® Processor, Xeon series, but Intel re-enters the server and workstation market with the Pentium III type with 70 SIMD commands. The advantage of this processor is that it can speed up the processing of information from the system bus to the processor, which significantly increases performance. This processor is designed to be integrated with other similar processors.

2000 : Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor. The Pentium IV processor is an Intel product that can reach speeds of up to 3.06 GHz. First this processor was released with 423 pin form factor with 1.5GHz speed, after that Intel changed the Intel Pentium 4 processor form factor to 478 pin, from 1.3 GHz speed Intel Pentium 4 processor to the latest. Currently it can reach speeds of up to 3.4 GHz.

· 2001 : Intel® Xeon® Processor The Intel Pentium 4 Xeon processor is an Intel Pentium 4 processor specifically intended to serve as a computer server. This processor has more pins than the Intel Pentium 4 processor and has a larger L2 cache memory.

Jenis Jenis Socket Processor Amd Dan Penjelasannya

2001 : Intel® Itanium® Processor. Itanium is the first 64-bit-based processor intended for use in servers, workstations and some users. Based on Intel’s Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) design and technology, this processor is built on a completely different structure than its predecessor.

·2003 : Intel® Pentium® M Processor.Chipset 855 and Intel® PRO/WIRELESS 2100 are components of Intel® Centrino™. Intel Centrino was created to meet the market need for a computer that is easy to carry anywhere.

· 2004 : Intel Pentium M 735/745/755 processors. Equipped with 855 chipset, 2Mb L2 cache with new features 400MHz system bus and processor socket compatibility with previous Pentium M series.

2004 : Intel E7520/E7320 chipsets. The 7320/7520 can be used for dual processor configurations with 800MHz FSB, DDR2 400 memory, and PCI Express peripheral interfaces.

Urutan Processor Pc Dari Terlama Hingga Terbaru Lengkap

· 2005 : Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.73GHz. A processor aimed at the market for computer users who want something more from their computers, this processor uses a 3.73GHz frequency configuration, 1.066GHz FSB, EM64T, 2MB L2 cache and HyperT cache.

· 2005 : Intel Pentium D 820/830/840. A 64-bit based processor is called dual core because it uses 2 cores, each core has a 1MB L2 cache configuration, 800MHz FSB, and can run at 2.8GHz and 3.0GHz. and 3.2GHz. This type of processor also includes Hyper Threading support.

· 2006 : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600. The processor for desktop type has 2 cores with 2.4GHz configuration with 8MB L2 cache (per core can access up to 4MB), 1.06 GHz front side bus, thermal design power (TDP) for people who need more power than their computer.

2006 : Intel Quad Core Xeon X3210/X3220. The processor used for the server type has 2 cores each with 2.13 and 2.4GHz configuration respectively, 8MB L2 cache (each core can access 4MB), 1.06GHz front-side bus, Thermal Design Power (TDP)

Daftar Socket Cpu Lengkap Beserta Processornya • Computory

Based on the number of bits in which the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) operates, CPUs are divided into 4 types, namely: 1. Bit slice processor CPU design by adding the number of bit slices (slices) for certain applications. This type of CPU can also be called a custom CPU. 2. General Purpose CPU Multipurpose CPU or microcomputer with all the capabilities of earlier mini computers. 3. I/O Processor The main processor is assisted by a separate processor that works to handle input/output requests. 4. Dedicated/embedded controller to make machines smart ie: washing machines, microwaves, ovens, sewing machines, automotive ignition systems. This type of processor is known as a microcontroller.

The AMD K5 was AMD’s first processor, and when production began, AMD deliberately copied Intel so that any processor made by AMD would support Intel-made hardware and applications. amdk5 was originally written to run on all motherboards that support Intel. But there were some problems at that time, amdk5 didn’t run smoothly, amdk5 couldn’t recognize the motherboard right away, and had to upgrade a BIOS to recognize AMD. 2. AMD K6

The AMD K6 processor is a high-performance sixth-generation processor that can be installed on motherboards that support Intel Pentium. AMD K6 itself is still divided into models, namely: AMD K6, AMD K6-2, AMD K6-III and all models that differ only in CPU clock speed and micron process.

AMD Duron is the third generation of AMD processor development. Also, a cheap and affordable type of processor was known in 2000. AMD Duron is not better than AMD Athlon, with almost the same processor performance, only 7%-10% higher, AMD Athlon is slightly higher.

Tipe Tipe Prosesor Komputer

AMD Athlon is a replacement for AMD K6 series microprocessors. It gradually wants to replace Intel as the market leader of the microprocessor industry. This type of processor can also be used as a processor for multiprocessor systems, such as Intel’s sixth generation processor (P6). With the AMD 750 MP (Iron Gate) and AMD 760 MPX chipsets, the AMD dap5. AMD Athlon 64 This processor has 3 different socket variants namely Socket 754, 939 and 940. Socket 754 has a memory controller that supports the use of single-channel DDR memory. Socket 939 has a memory controller that supports dual-channel memory. AMD Athlon 64 is the first processor compatible with 64bit computing

This processor has 3 main characteristics: 1. Can run 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and applications at full speed 2. Offers virus protection called Enhanced Virus Protection when running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows XP. 64 Platforms Bit Edition. 3. A PC system based on AMD Athlon 64 FX is ideal for avid PC users, video-audio (multimedia) enthusiasts and game players. Other Features : 1. 3DNow! Professional+SSE 2 instruction 2. HyperTransport technology 3. On-die cache memory of 1152KB (with details of 128KB for L1 and 1024KB for L4) AMD Athlon 64 FX 5. AMD Athlon FX

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