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Laptop 2-in-1 – Kicking off last May, Lenovo recently introduced two Windows 10 devices specifically designed to enhance productivity in the current situation. Lenovo introduced the Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i and the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i, 2-in-1 devices that support LTE networks. Both come with the latest generation Intel processors.

Every Lenovo Duet device is designed to be very portable, so that it is easy for us to do any activity with a computer device and move from room to room in the house, work remotely, study online, etc. Lenovo is committed to continuing to provide a variety of consumers with the multifunctional devices they need to meet their daily needs.

Laptop 2-in-1

For the needs of premium portable devices, the Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i comes with a weight of only 1.16 kgs including the keyboard folio case. This is the first Yoga series computer device to come with a separate keyboard, if earlier it was always associated with the folding screen capability of up to 360 degrees. The keyboard has backlit lighting on each key, and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for typing without being connected to a device.

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Connectivity and security features are also given priority on this device. The Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i already supports Wi-Fi 6 networks as well as 4G LTE connectivity. For screen locking, the device is equipped with an infrared camera for facial login via Windows Hello, which is up to three times faster than using a password.

In addition, with the Glance by Mirametrix sensor, the device can automatically pause content playing on the screen when it detects that the user is moving away from the screen. Even move content to an external monitor using special head gestures. Yoga Duet 7i screen has 13-inch IPS 2K dimension and supports 100% sRGB colors.

Meanwhile as for the hardware specifications, there are options for up to 10th generation Intel Core-i7, Intel UHD graphics, up to 16GB DDR4 RAM and up to 1TB PCIe SSD storage. The device also boasts of up to 10.8 hours of battery life, backed by artificial intelligence and a specialized cooling system that can increase power efficiency by up to 20%.

For devices that are more affordable, portable, and student-friendly, Lenovo has created the IdeaPad Duet 3i series. The screen is more compact with a size of 13.1 inches, using an IPS panel with Full HD resolution. Which is quite unique, this 2-in-1 tablet has a physical webcam cover for added protection.

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Its weight is very light, only 860 grams including the keyboard. And just like the Yoga Edition, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i’s keyboard is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for more flexible use without being connected to a device. With a kickstand made of metal at the back, this tablet supports multiple modes, be it tablet, notebook, tent or stand mode.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i uses Intel Pentium processor with dedicated graphics card, RAM option up to 8GB and eMMC type storage up to 128GB. Battery life reaches up to 7 hours of use, more than enough for videoconferencing needs, plus two microphones that can capture 360-degree sound.

Will be available this month for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) with prices starting at 1.199 Euros (RP. 18 million). This price includes a keyboard, folio case and an additional Lenovo Active Pen stylus.

Will be sold from next July with the keyboard, priced at 429 euros (Rp. 6, 7 million). Both will be available on the official website, retail stores, and select business partners.

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Tagged: lenovo, lenovo ideapad duet 3i, lenovo yoga duet 7i, pc, lenovo ideapad duet 3i specifications, lenovo yoga duet 7i specifications, windows 10 tablet, windows 10 2-in-1 is a new innovation in the world of notebook computers . As the name suggests, this device can turn into two devices at once, namely a laptop and a tablet. Two mode switching mechanisms are offered by 2-in-1 notebooks, namely a screen model that can be removed from the keyboard dock (detachable) and a screen model that can be rotated up to 360 degrees (convertible).

Currently, 2-in-1 notebooks are the answer for mobile workers or active students who must always have access to a device to support all activities. The device has also been successful for technology connoisseurs as it offers many of the same benefits that can be obtained from a laptop. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at 7 facts about 2 in 1 notebook spacers that spacers should know!

There’s no doubt about the compatibility of 2-in-1 notebooks. Since the screen can be detached or flipped, it makes the device more flexible and when you fold or detach the screen it can not only turn into notebook mode, but also into tablet, tent and display modes Is. So, whether you want to use it in laptop mode for typing work, then switch to tablet mode for discussions or meetings, none of it is a problem for this device. 2-in-1 notebooks can always be relied upon in situations you can’t imagine.

Notebook 2-in-1 is not to be underestimated. With the advancement of time, there have been many 2-in-1 devices that suit different lifestyles. This is because the device is equipped with quite decent specifications such as the latest generation Intel Core processor and a fairly large memory capacity. Thus, performance and multitasking will not be an issue considering that the device has the same power as a laptop.

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As well as being flexible, one of the biggest benefits of a hybrid design is that you can reduce the amount of time required to use multiple devices. Today, many people use a smartphone while traveling, a tablet to relax on the couch, and a laptop when they need to work. However, having a 2-in-1 notebook can save you from buying other unnecessary gadgets.

A 2-in-1 notebook can perform the last two functions, namely laptop and tablet modes, with ease. This means spacers don’t need to be bought both separately, so you can save on your expenses. Another advantage, 2-in-1 notebooks are usually sold for cheaper, so this could be a win-win solution for you!

Currently, there are various 2-in-1 notebooks that come equipped with SSDs for their main storage. In addition to being better off with a larger amount of space, using an SSD also provides more optimal performance and responsiveness when in use. As an example, a 2-in-1 notebook that already uses an SSD can go through the boot process in just a few seconds and provide much higher data read and write speeds than an HDD. Its large capacity is also capable of storing important data and files, such as work documents, music, movies and photos. Such conditions are certainly rarely found on entry-level class laptops.

Touchscreen breakthrough is the current technology trend. Almost all 2-in-1 notebooks are now implementing this technology. Therefore, it is not wrong that many technology connoisseurs switch to this type of device.

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For many people, a responsive touchscreen offers a pretty tangible advantage. You can navigate a browser or application more easily using your finger than by hovering on the trackpad. Even under certain conditions, a touch screen with the use of a stylus pen can provide a natural feel like pen on paper. That way, you can quickly write down all your digital notes, sign documents in a practical way, or sketch with greater precision.

2-in-1 notebooks also tend to have higher battery life. The average notebook battery can last up to 8 hours thanks to the latest Intel Core processors and the advantages of the Windows 10 operating system, which saves on power consumption. So, you can work or play anywhere without worrying about the laptop slowing down too quickly.

Today’s 2-in-1 notebooks are built thinner than ever. You can find many notebooks that already have ultra-thin bodies and are completely wrapped in aluminum, giving the device a more elegant and tough look. Even though they are built with slim bodies, most 2-in-1 notebooks equip their bodies with various connectivity ports, such as USB, micro USB, HDMI, micro SD, and audio headphone jack.

Your entertainment needs will also be effortless thanks to the Full HD screen. Whether watching a movie or streaming YouTube, the 2-in-1 notebook can maximize your visual experience. In fact, you can actually experience true audio as the devices usually support the best audio technology and have quality speakers.

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So, these are some facts about 2-in-1 notebooks that will make you comfortable in getting one. Fortunately, the good news is that you can get all of the above with the 2-in-1 Acer Spin 1 (SP111-32N) notebook. This notebook offers what the urbanite needs: decent performance for work, light weight for travel, great screen display for entertainment.

Weighing less than 3 kg, the Acer Spin 1 (SP111-32N) joins the line of 2-in-1 notebooks that are thin, light and compact to take anywhere. This notebook also has an aluminum chassis to make it sturdy. The cover is no less unique as it is designed with a crosshatch pattern and is gray in color to make it more attractive and elegant.

Regarding performance, there is no need to re-query spin1. With Intel Celeron N3350, performing various tasks with this device will feel fast and responsive. Even for a budget notebook like the Spin 1, you’ll get a great work experience thanks to the touch screen, keyboard, and touchpad support. You can say that one of the advantages of this 2-in-1 notebook is that it has a responsive keyboard which is usually found on expensive devices. Furthermore, the notebook’s touchpad provides good navigation accuracy.

Interestingly, the Spin 1 is equipped with an active stylus pen which is the same size as a regular pen for writing. This size will definitely feel more comfortable when worn in the hand, allowing you to work faster. In addition, the Spin 1’s 11.6-inch screen is also very bright and clear in its class, while offering wide viewing angles. You will be satisfied to gaze at the screen while watching your favorite movie or getting all your work done.

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So, what else do you have doubts about this Acer 2-in-1 notebook? The Spin 1 is also designed for those of you with a high mobility lifestyle. With a life span of up to 7 hours, you can always be productive anywhere and anytime. Very satisfied, isn’t it?

How about spacer? For those of you who don’t have a 2-in-1 notebook yet, get started

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