Teknologi Iot Untuk Perhotelan (iot In Hospitality)

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Teknologi Iot Untuk Perhotelan (iot In Hospitality) – Have you ever thought that technology that used to exist in movies is now available and widely used? If in the past we only used plant sprinklers, which had a schedule every few hours to water and circulate automatically, this device can also be connected to Wi-Fi network. In addition, there is also a Smart Wallet that can connect your Smartphone via Wi-Fi network. So you can find out where your lost wallet is. Everything that can only be imagined now with the Internet of Things (IoT), all of that can be realized. This is the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things or IoT was first introduced by Kevin Ashton in 1999 in one of his lectures. Now many large companies are starting to explore the Internet of Things, namely Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and many others. Many predict that IoT is “The Next Big Thing” in the world of information technology, this is because IoT offers many opportunities that can be further developed. An example is the implementation of the internet of things (IoT), for example, a refrigerator that can notify its owner via SMS or email about how food and drinks have run out and must be replenished.

Teknologi Iot Untuk Perhotelan (iot In Hospitality)

For developers, many companies now offer different programs to help developers develop Internet of Things products. Another provider of this program is Intel through their IoT Developer Program. If we look at it, it means that the Internet of Things is the Internet of devices / devices. If it is simply explained, this is how the internet connection from the equipment is used most often.

Pilar Teknologi Yang Mendukung Revolusi Industri 4.0

You should know some of the components that go into the basic ingredients of making the Internet of Things (IOT), these tools have a great impact on how the Internet of Things (IOT) can work. The following are the requirements to create an Internet of Things (IOT)

IoT can be used to “see” real-time water levels in reservoirs, to irrigate farmers or farmers for information on how much or little water is left in the ocean in order to reduce disasters. for sailors and fishermen. With this analysis, we see the movement of the types of trading tips on a daily and monthly basis for several years to see the graphs of the ups and downs of the trade.

For infrastructure management, there is now MRT Jakarta, an abbreviation of Jakarta Integrated Greater Mode (Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit), which is a rapid transit system that uses electric trains in Jakarta. This fast IoT train can be used to detect whether the condition of the train track is safe or not to cross, so that the train gate will open automatically without worrying about the train guard falling asleep.

Most of the equipment costs that can be used in mining are determined by skill and experience alone. However, with IoT, mining companies can measure which equipment is running out of oil, how much oil is on site, which equipment needs to be replaced, etc. so that they can measured quickly and accurately. This is most likely because the IoT module can provide information directly from the machines or mining equipment. This is true for transportation, industrial plants and IT equipment of the modern office. There is also an RFID sensor on the helmet to reduce accidents.

Peran Ai Bersama Iot Dalam Mendukung Industri Manufaktur

The IoT that goes into home electronics can enable people to do different things. For example, for a power source such as an AC split, if you forget to turn it off, the cost of electricity will be expensive. With the home automation application, you can turn off the air conditioner and the lights at home or turn them on before you get home.

The role of IoT itself in the fintech industry is clear. It is evidenced by the emergence of several financial applications whose systems are similar to those of banks, for example in relation to lending funds. It’s just that not all of these applications can work with banks, you know! As long as it can, the application will not perform all customer transactions like in a bank even if the government has implemented the OJK system or standards. One of the reasons is the customer’s concern about the security of his data. Meanwhile, the digital age will continue to penetrate and the internet will continue to exist and improve.

Whatever the future holds, you will continue to rely on technological advances. When the natural resources are of high quality, there will be a smart city quickly in Indonesia. Likewise with fintech applications that will certainly be more needed. Why? Yes, because technically it will enable it and make everything instant. Therefore, several important factors in the development of the fintech industry are required from users and providers, namely Openness (openness), Trustworthiness (trust from customers), security guarantees and collaboration.

Now, there are still many people who do not know the term “Internet of Things” or it can be called “IOT”. According to Forbes magazine, majority (87%) of people do not know the word IOT. IOT are things that can send and receive data or information over the internet in real time to their users. The data provided is automatically analyzed by the device or other devices and sent. For example, if you can control the temperature of the room in your house, turn off the electrical appliances, or open the gate automatically using the internet, then you are already using IOT.

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The use of IOT in the industrial sector is done by connecting devices that have sensors with controllers. Data collected from these devices is analyzed to improve products, services and operations. IOT allows communication between devices (M2M- Machine to Machine) so that the need for human intervention can be reduced. The information obtained can increase productivity and provide valuable feedback to design engineering teams and production processes for continuous improvement. Cloud-based monitoring solutions enable real-time, continuous automated measurement and analysis.

IOT devices can predict the repair and replacement of parts that need to be done. This enables field engineers at large companies who generally find it difficult to access digital information and data to monitor, troubleshoot, and determine the scope of work to perform maintenance and preventive tasks. . They need several attempts to understand the problem. Handling the wrong way can cause the same problem in the future. Therefore, without data and digital insight, getting to the root of the problem will be more difficult.

Finally, IOT companies can produce “intelligent” products and provide more information to customers and the feedback needed by the company. Heavy equipment company John Deere has installed a device that allows data connectivity to the tractors it sells. A tractor makes farming easier and more profitable. The information obtained allows the tractor to analyze what crops it planted, when and where it planted them; the time and place to be harvested, as well as the best way to harvest. The use of IOT also allows companies to retrieve information such as how their products are used, when products are damaged, and what customers want in the future. “Smart” products provide a way for companies to provide solutions that help customers when problems arise. The use of IOT in the industrial sector will continue to grow and become the industry trend from now to the future. When IOT is used correctly, information about the company will move quickly and accurately, the production process will be more accurate, timely and targeted maintenance will reduce the risks of damage of company machinery. Thus, the proper use of IOT will provide a competitive advantage for the industry that uses it. As technology continues to develop and play an increasing role in our daily lives, Marriott International is teamed up with two leading companies – Samsung and Legrand – to launch the first Internet of Things (IoT) hotel room in the hospitality industry to promote a superior hotel experience for the future.

The IoT Guestroom Lab – supported by the Marriott Innovation Lab at corporate headquarters – explores ideas that have the potential to improve the guest experience, create more efficient design and construction of hotel rooms, and contribute to goals and in Marriott’s sustainability efforts. As the first “smart” hotel room in the hospitality industry, the Lab enables multiple IoT-responsive systems, devices and applications to communicate to help guests and improve hotel operations.

Marriott, Samsung Dan Legrand Luncurkan Iot Hotel Room Pertama Di Dunia

“We know our guests expect to do almost everything in their lives, and their hotel experience should be no different,” said Stephanie Linnartz, Chief Executive Officer. of Global Business, Marriott International. “Working with high-end partners, we use digital technology and voice technology to give guests the ability to customize a room to suit their needs – whether it’s creating the ultimate retreat or enable business travelers.”

“At Samsung, we want to make life easier and better for our customers, whether at home or in their homes away from home,” said James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ARTIK IoT, Samsung Electronics. “By partnering with Legrand and Marriott, we can offer users an unprecedented level of control and personalization, thanks to end-to-end IoT services powered by the platform ARTIK and SmartThings Cloud. From smart lighting to voice-activated room control, deliver intelligent, actionable experiences that make our customers’ lives easier, more productive and more productive. be safe.”

Developing intuitive applications is critical as Marriott strives to continue to innovate the global guest experience at its 30 brands. The technology within the IoT Guestroom Lab allows, for example, users can ask the virtual assistant to set an alarm so they can wake up at 6.30 am, start a yoga routine in the full-length mirror, request additional housekeeping services and start bathing in the shower. at room temperature

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