Teknologi Iot Untuk Rumah Sakit (iot In Healthcare)

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Teknologi Iot Untuk Rumah Sakit (iot In Healthcare) – You may be familiar with IoT implementations that produce smart jargon: smart home, smart city, smart vehicle, smart energy, and more. But have you ever heard the term smart hospital as a result of IoT health implementation?

Yes, IoT in the health sector is not as broad as other sectors. Data from IoT Analytics shows that healthcare IoT ranks 7th out of 10 global IoT sectors. This is a sign that the implementation of IoT in the health sector needs more attention.

Teknologi Iot Untuk Rumah Sakit (iot In Healthcare)

In Indonesia itself, the implementation of IoT in the health sector is still very small. Although IoT can be a solution to significantly improve the quality of health services.

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The good news is, we can take examples of IoT in the health sector from other countries. Let’s explore the concept of the smart hospital that will be the precursor to smart healthcare in the future.

Many countries have benefited from IoT in the health sector. At least, there are 6 implementations that we can learn. Some of them have been realized, but some are still in the research and development stage.

Medical emergencies must be handled as quickly as possible. But what if the procedure to book an emergency room is not as fast as the patient needs? The resulting consequences can be fatal: death.

This is the reason Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York uses healthcare IoT for emergency room management. After its implementation, the waiting time for the emergency room in the hospital was successfully accelerated by up to 50%. Amazing!

Solusi Cerdas Iot Orang Lorawan Melacak Dan Melacak Tombol Panik Sos Rumah Sakit Tua

With waiting room management automation, patients can receive treatment faster. The end result was very encouraging: more people were saved.

Under certain conditions, patients sometimes require outpatient care. Routine checks are also mandatory. Although many patients find it difficult to travel, for example elderly patients, badly injured, and so on.

Of course it is not effective if the patient has to visit the hospital regularly. Not to mention the waiting time in the queue which sometimes forces patients to endure pain.

Take it easy, IoT offers a solution to overcome this. One of the IoT applications that the hospital must adopt immediately is remote monitoring. The most common term for this technology is telehealth.

Mengenal Apa Itu Teknologi Iot

With telehealth, doctors can monitor the patient’s condition without having to meet face to face. So that patients do not have to come to the hospital to be examined. This solution will greatly facilitate patients with mobility difficulties.

What happens if the hospital equipment malfunctions? The risk of electrical interference or component damage can be fatal. Especially for critical equipment that is widely used in ICU and operating rooms.

In response to this, IoT health activists began to initiate technology to monitor the performance of medical devices. One of them is Philips which produces e-Alert, a hospital hardware monitoring tool.

This technology should be implemented immediately to ensure that all medical devices work properly. As a sector that deals with human lives, of course hospitals need to innovate immediately when it comes to monitoring critical devices.

Penerapan Iot Bidang Kesehatan

Hospital management is a complex field. The large number of departments, staff, patients and equipment is not easy to control. Not to mention visitors and the patient’s family who cannot escape supervision.

Traditional surveillance methods with CCTV and human labor are certainly inadequate. Hospitals need surveillance technology that can work in real time, accurately, and of course automatically.

This is where IoT comes into play. With a tracking system that makes it easier for hospitals to keep track of people and goods, every activity in the hospital area is monitored.

Everything works automatically. There is no need to assign special security personnel to oversee CCTV monitors – which is inefficient. The hospital will receive instant alerts from IoT if anything unusual is detected.

Mengenal Internet Of Things (iot): Definisi Lengkap, Manfaat, Cara Kerja & Contohnya

Not only is it business oriented, hospital supervision aims to ensure patient safety. A favorable situation is definitely needed to provide the best health services.

As with inventory, all medical equipment to treat patients must be in the hands of the right people. If all aspects of the hospital are properly monitored, the service will not have any problems.

Have you ever imagined a pill fitted with an incredibly tiny sensor inserted into your body? In the past, this type only existed in science fiction stories. But today, with the IoT of health, microscopic sensor technology is in sight.

The concept goes like this. A very small sensor is placed in a hole. When the patient takes the pill, the sensor will enter the patient’s body to perform surveillance tasks.

Layanan Kesehatan Berbasis Iot

Through this sensor, doctors can check the patient’s control in taking the drug. The doctor can also find out if the patient is using the correct dose. In the long term, it is also easier for doctors to prescribe according to the development of the patient’s condition.

Not only from the doctor’s point of view, patients can monitor their own health developments. The IoT sensor on the pill will connect to the patient’s smartphone. So that patients know the results of their treatment.

This technology is still in the development phase. But in the future, sensory pills may become an inevitable medical innovation. Don’t worry, this is not as scary as the hoax that Bill Gates is spreading on us through vaccines.

Chronic disease is a scourge for everyone. Call it cancer, tumors, and friends. Unfortunately, so far there is no technology that can optimally treat chronic diseases.

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A large number of people suffering from chronic diseases are detected too late. Although its early detection is very important for the patient’s recovery.

WHO even published a special publication entitled “Guide to Early Cancer Diagnosis”, considering the importance of early cancer detection. The same is true for other chronic diseases.

The best option for accelerating chronic disease early detection technology is IoT. In fact, there is no IoT that works specifically to detect disease. But at least there are some innovations.

One of them is Fitbit, a tool for monitoring individual health. Data from Fitbit can be an important consideration for doctors to detect recurrent chronic diseases.

Blockchain Dan Iot Jadi Tren Teknologi Tahun Ini

Apart from Fitbit, there is also Health Net Connect which launched a program called “Population Diabetic Programme”. This program has 2 main activities:

Through the Population Diabetes Program, Health Net Connect hopes to improve clinical services and reduce the cost of treating diabetics.

From now on, we look forward to more IoT innovations in the field of chronic disease detection. So one day, IoT will be able to accurately detect the presence of disease from an early stage.

Referring to the Health IoT magazine from Kominfo titled “Implementing the Internet of Things for the Health Sector”, Indonesia is really ready to adopt IoT. From the budget factor, for example, the cost for IoT is not too big compared to the total budget of the Ministry of Health.

Konektivitas Perangkat Iot Untuk Fasilitas Kesehatan

If there are problems, all parties should sit together to find a solution. It is a composition of cooperation between the government, hospitals, IT practitioners and the public to accelerate the implementation of smart hospitals and smart healthcare.

IOT Solution Company is an Indonesian Internet Of Things (iOT) Developer. committed to serving your business with the highest quality standards. We make your idea a reality. Health is very important for everyone because without good health, it will be difficult for everyone to carry out their daily activities.

In the body there are conditions of health and illness, where health is highly dependent on the condition of the balance of the elements present in the human body, if the balance of the body is disturbed it will result in an unhealthy body condition which will lead to there is a disease. can hinder the activities of daily life can cause distraction.

In general, illness is a situation in itself and an environment that is not fair. So if a person cannot maintain a balance between himself and his environment, or if the body’s organism does not function properly, that person can be said to be ill.

Tren Internet Of Things (iot) Di 2023, Apa Saja?

When dealing with a person’s illness, a health care system is needed to deal with the illness, good behavior a person takes care of his body to be healthy at all times so that he is far from disease. In anthropology, the concept of health behavior is called health care. The health care system integrates components related to health including beliefs about the cause of ill health, rules and reasons for selecting and choosing nurses, positions and roles, power, interaction arrangements, institutions, types of resources and available nursing practitioners. assessment. This behavior in health care aims to solve the biggest medical problem.

Along with the rapid development of technology, there are many advanced technologies that can help the performance of doctors and medical personnel. IoT (iInternet of Things) is one of them.

IoT makes new breakthroughs in the development of medical machines and devices to support the performance of medical personnel to be more efficient, more precise and reduce the risk of errors.

One example of IoT in the world of health is helping the process of collecting heart rate data, measuring the body’s sugar levels, checking the body’s temperature and so on. The data received will be stored in large-scale data storage.

Aspek Pengimplementasian Internet Of Thing (iot)

Big data currently known. Using big data makes it possible to read information and data in the form of numbers or text quickly and efficiently. It is no longer necessary for medical personnel to record manually, because all the information can be served in the database and will be sent to the IoT machine to perform tasks according to the developed algorithm.

IoT is described as a network of devices that can be connected to each other and can exchange data. The devices are not always with sophisticated and complex technology.

The most important thing is that these devices can make the health service process more efficient and effective, so that health workers can complete health services quickly and efficiently.

Companies engaged in the manufacture of medical devices have made large investments in the IoT field. Now, most devices in the medical field are equipped with connectivity features, starting from biosensors in X-ray machines that can be connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks. Medical devices using IoT technology can provide important data that can help medical personnel do their jobs.

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IoT can facilitate routine to intensive care to improve recovery

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