Teknologi Penyimpanan Data (data Storage Technology)

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Teknologi Penyimpanan Data (data Storage Technology) – The variety of data available to companies continues to grow rapidly. The inability to store data can have a negative impact on the company.

But at that time, the data could not be properly managed. It is difficult for companies to find the data they need quickly.

Teknologi Penyimpanan Data (data Storage Technology)

Definition of data storage management is the process of managing digital data effectively using computers and other devices as well as the Internet.

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With technology, data storage can be managed efficiently and securely. Another feature is that you can access it anywhere.

There are different types of databases. The choice of the type of data management will depend on the needs of the company. Some examples of database management are:

The most common example of managing data in an organization is using a storage file system. The data is stored sequentially in memory to be retrieved as information. Its users can access data using location, name, or through URL links.

In data management and object storage, what is known as objects are data and files that are divided into multiple pieces of information. Each object becomes an independent repository using unique features to make it easier for users to access it.

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Software-defined storage manages data by separating data from physical storage to software-based storage. In this way, you can get it on the network.

The existence of the cloud has made it possible to do cloud data storage. With cloud storage, any organization can store data in the cloud. Authorized users can access it through the Internet. Some common examples of cloud storage include Google and Microsoft.

Block storage enables companies to manage and store data in independent or independent blocks. Each block will have a unique feature to ensure data security. Blocks work quickly so they are good for big data.

When you decide to use database management, of course what you want to know is how it works. How much work will have a positive impact on your company or organization. Broadly speaking, there are many functions of database management, namely:

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The purpose of using database management is to manage data quickly and efficiently. The speed and ease of accessing data can improve employee efficiency and productivity.

It is important for companies to be able to manage data and maintain compliance with data access regulations. With the right policies, companies can still manage their data, but they can also follow the law.

The way database management works is by implementing different tools, both software and hardware. Some operating hardware is

This includes information about the amount of available storage and tracking storage. You can also get reports about security services. Have you seen the number of hours on your PC? Be careful when using the computer. If you have memorized the clock number on your computer. Then try to turn off your computer and disconnect all cables from the computer. In this case, restart your computer after about 30 minutes or an hour. When you go to the main page and check the clock number of your computer, you will be surprised to see that the clock changes exactly after one hour. Why did it happen? Do you turn off the computer and turn off the lights?

Teknologi Cloud Computing

If you are curious, this is one of the big things about computer memory, you probably used to think that your computer memory is just RAM and hard drive. Of course, PCs have other types of memory besides RAM and hard drives. Want to know more? The test report is this: Basically, PC and laptop memory is divided into two types. Primary storage is internal storage and secondary storage is external storage. The following is an explanation to find out what is in the internal memory.

The world of technology has evolved rapidly. Until recently, there was only a small storage that could hold only one video. But now, it’s easy to find high-end devices. Almost all technology devices today have internal or external security. But do you know the difference in definition of internal security and external security? The difference between the two is confusing, and some laymen may call internal and external storage the same thing. For this reason, today, we will take a closer look at the old drawers so that we can understand them.

Internal memory is the memory that is stored directly by the processor. The function of internal storage is to “remember” data or programs that are used when the PC or laptop is running. Therefore, the clock is stored in the computer memory even when the computer is turned off, this type of storage is usually on the device and is not visible. This internal security feature includes protecting the operating system and devices as a memory loan while the application or software is running. All laptops, computers or smartphone devices require this to run the system.

There are many types of internal storage. a type of database whose memory can be accessed directly from the configuration. In this case, what is stored in the main memory is in the form of data or programs.

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ROM is a computer hardware in the form of a semiconductor memory chip whose contents can be read. This type of storage data can only be read and cannot be repeatedly written. This type of memory is not volatile, so the stored data is not lost when the power is turned off.

RAM memory is known as the most popular memory in the world of computing. The function of RAM is to store the software that runs on your computer. RAM is the “container” for all the programs that run on your computer.

The difference between ram and rom is that both RAM and ROM are installed in the phone and cannot be erased, so they are classified as internal storage. The difference between RAM and ROM is how they work.

RAM (Random Access Memory) acts as temporary storage while running applications. So, while you have free or unused memory, the software will run faster. RAM is temporary, so it will leave the memory used by the application when it stops running.

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ROM (read only memory) acts as permanent storage. ROMs are usually used to install apps, but can also be used to store files such as photos, music and videos.

DRAM is a type of RAM that is frequently refreshed by the CPU. The function of DRAM is to prevent the memory in RAM from being lost immediately so that it can be used continuously. DRAM stands for dynamic RAM.

CMOS is part of ROM. The function of this CMOS is to store the basic computer settings. is the default setting that CMOS uses is the date and time on your computer. Basically, CMOS is a chip with only 64 bytes of memory.

You may think that this is a small form of RAM. In fact, SDRAM is an advanced part of DRAM. The advantage of SDRAM itself is that it is faster than DRAM.

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Cache memory is often heard in the browser area. One part of the memory plays a big role as part of the “analysis” when you use the computer. Data is first checked in the cache area before reaching the storage. Therefore, the cache memory speed is very fast.

External storage is storage that works as backup for other devices or computers. In addition, this external storage works as a backup for opening software, applications and files on your computer. What types of external storage are there in external storage?

Flashdisk is an external data media that is connected to a USB port and can store different types of files such as Word files, photos, videos and other types of files. Flashdisk is a popular and popular storage device today because of the many features of flash. In addition, because the flash is small, it works well because you can take it anywhere. Flash disk has been growing for a long time, with many storage sizes from 512MB to today, from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB to 1TB or 1000 flash seen now. GB drive. Now that you have a drive, you need to know how to transfer files to the flash drive. The flash function itself depends on the function of the floppy disk. In other words, it works as a data carrier that can be carried anywhere. The downside is that when there is no flash, all the saved data will be lost.

A hard drive is another name for a hard drive device that does many things like a flash drive. Apart from understanding the hard disk, there is a difference in the shape of the object which is larger and has a larger capacity. There are two types of hard drives: internal hard drives and external hard drives. Hard drives are often installed on your PC as ROM or system memory. External hard drives are available on your computer and can be carried anywhere like flash drives, but many may think of internal storage. In fact, by definition, hard drives are part of the external class. Hard disk works as a tool for storing applications, software and files on your computer or laptop. Hard disk is already in external form that works as a storage device for storing large amounts of data. A bad hard drive also makes files on your computer lost and unrecoverable, so don’t forget to back up.

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A CD is an optical disc that can hold up to 700MB of data. There are different types of CDs: CDROM, CDWORM, and CDRW (rewritable). Unlike other memories, CDROM and CDWORM support only one writing system. This means that the data must be burned when stored on a CD that supports only one burn. Due to its less complicated usage, CD as users have abandoned external storage and many users have turned to flash drives. Also, CDs can only be opened in the CD drive. The CD behind these vulnerabilities has the advantage of protecting it from viruses. Unlike Flash, the virus affects the software that causes file loss.

DVD is an external storage development from CD. External DVDs are larger and read faster than CDs. Another advantage is the ability to create quality video and audio. Therefore, DVDs are used in many places

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