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Teknologi Transportasi – Imagine, you have to go far. You can walk, but it will take a long time. What can you do?You can use transportation. That is, a tool used to transport goods or people from one place to another. What means of transportation do you already know?

Last holiday, Beni and his family visited uncle’s house. What are they doing there?

Teknologi Transportasi

During school holidays, Beni visited his uncle’s house. Uncle Beni’s house in Manado. Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi. Manado has several charming islands. Uncle took Beni around town by riding a buggy. Bendi is Manado’s traditional means of transportation. Manado people have used bendi for a long time. In Java, bendi are known as delman or dokar. Bendi is a simple means of transportation drawn by a horse.

Dampak Positif Globalisasi: Sosial, Ekonomi, Politik, Dan Budaya

Beni saw the people of Manado using various means of transportation. Some are cycling and driving private cars. There are also those who ride motorbikes. Most Manado people use city transportation. Uncle explained that the way people travel has changed. In the past, people traveled by using buggies. Nowadays people travel by using modern means of transportation. Beni went to Manado by car and plane. What means of transportation have you used?

Read the text “Vacation at Uncle’s House” again carefully! Underline the first sentence of each paragraph! Write down the contents of each paragraph!Various Means of Transportation – Transportation is a means that was created to make it easier for someone to carry out activities, be it on land, sea, and also in the air. As we know that now there are various means of transportation that can make it easier for us to move from one place to another.

The means of transportation in this world have their advantages and disadvantages and all of them are connected to one another. However, all transportation is useful to ease the burden on humans in carrying out their activities.

But, do you know the meaning of means of transportation? So, a means of transportation is an object that can move and is able to transport objects and people from one place to another. There are many means of transportation around the world, ranging from land, sea and air transportation.

Teknologi Transportasi Dan Logistik, Pahami Konsepnya Berikut Ini

So that we get to know the various types of transportation in more detail. Let’s see the explanation below. The author will explain the various types of transportation that exist in this world. Previously, if Grameds wanted to study transportation in more depth with an interesting presentation, you could read the book Why? Transportation – Transportation Equipment below.

Land transportation is all forms of transportation or vehicles used on the road to transport goods as well as passengers. This type of transportation is classified as the most dominant compared to sea and air transportation, especially in Indonesia.

If we trace the brief history of land transportation in Indonesia, we will find that our transportation was heavily influenced by the Dutch when they colonized Indonesia. In the past, Indonesian people only relied on horses, carts, carts, and rickshaws for transporting goods and personal goods.

The development of land transportation that we can feel to this day is the presence of railroads and road infrastructure along the island of Java. Along with the development of the times, all old school modes of transportation have been replaced with modern transportation. This is influenced by changing times, political policies and also technological advances.

Teknologi Nomor Satu Transportasi Di Jepang

In addition, the invention of the wheel also became the forerunner to the development of land transportation and gave a significant impact on all modes of transportation, be it land or air. Even today, some land transportation are differentiated depending on the number of wheels and the type of wheels used.

There are several types of land transportation that you can encounter in everyday life. The following are several types of land transportation in Indonesia. Check out the information below:

Who doesn’t know bicycles? This mode of transportation is the simplest means of transportation without using a machine. The presence of bicycles has been known since ancient times until now.

The function of bicycles is not only used as a means of personal transportation and light-scale transport of goods. However, now bicycles have become a way of life that can determine a person’s social status.

Ilustrasi Vektor Teknologi Transportasi Set Ikon Garis Tipis Datar Dari Simbol Transportasi Kapal Truk Atau Pesawat Piktogram Dengan Layanan Pengiriman Modern Ilustrasi Stok

With so many people using bicycles, various incidents such as flat tires are unavoidable. So, to be able to repair a bicycle in an emergency, you must have this expertise. Learn how in the book Learn to Repair Bicycles below.

This transportation is one of the traditional transportation that has been around for a long time. Usually, delman is used to transport passengers. But right now, delman only exist in certain areas, for example Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, and others. Whereas in other cities, delman is only used for transportation only as a tourist vehicle.

This transportation is classified as land transportation which uses horse power to pull the train. The maximum delman passenger capacity is only up to 4 -6 people.

Nowadays, motorbikes have become the most popular mode of transportation in Indonesia. If you notice, almost everyone now has a motorbike to help with all their activities. The majority of people now use motorbikes to accommodate their mobility. Because the size of this transportation is relatively simple, the price is affordable, and maintenance is easy.

Ilustrasi Teknologi Transportasi Performa Mobil Concep Foto Stok

Motorcycles use fossil fuels as engine propulsion. However, you need to understand that when using this transportation there are several things that you need to fulfill, namely having a SIM C, complete documents, and also driving skills to prevent accidents.

For those of you who are beginners or who want to own this vehicle, you must know how to care for this two-wheeled vehicle which is contained in the book How to Check, Adjust and Maintain Motorcycles.

This transportation still exists today in several regions in Indonesia. Becak is a three-wheeled traditional transportation. The way this transportation works is by using human power, which is pedaled by the driver, then the passengers are at the front.

Along with the development of the times, rickshaws are also increasingly innovative. Where now, rickshaws no longer use human power. But driven by motorbike. Not only in Indonesia, pedicabs are also easy to find in other countries such as India, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Wirausaha Produk Teknologi Transportasi Dan Logistik

Bajaj is public transportation that uses an engine as its propulsion. This mode of transportation has a characteristic that is three-wheeled and has a sound that is quite noisy. In the city of Jakarta, bajaj are still allowed to operate, but only in a few areas.

The car is a 4-wheeled transportation that relies on the engine as its propulsion. The passenger capacity in the car reaches 4-8 people, depending on the type and brand. Besides being used as a mode of personal transportation, cars are also widely used as public transportation. The requirement to drive a car is to have SIM A.

Inside the car itself there are various types of engines that are connected to each other which you can learn about through interesting and clear illustrations in the book Getting to Know Machine Parts: Cars below.

The bus is a means of mass transportation that has a total of 8 wheels. This transportation relies on an engine and is quite large in size. The maximum capacity on the bus can reach more than 60 people, depending on the type and type of bus.

Akibat Perkembangan Teknologi Transportasi Dan Komunikasi Dalam Aspek Sosial

In Indonesia itself, there are various types of buses that you can find. Starting from tourist buses that transport tourists, inter-city buses, trans buses, and others. If you have, which type of bus have you been on?

Just like buses, trucks are also equipped with eight wheels. It’s just that this transportation is used to transport heavy goods, such as building materials, wood, and other heavy goods. To be able to drive it, you need to have several conditions such as SIM B, KIR card, and operating permit.

In contrast to other means of land transportation, train is a means of mass transportation that uses diesel engines for its propulsion. Train wheels are made of steel and attached to the rails.

For its own capacity, the train is a mode of land transportation that can accommodate hundreds of passengers in one go. Types of trains are divided into two, namely trains for transporting passengers and trains for transporting goods.

Gambar Di Atas Merupakan Contoh Perkembangan Teknologi Transportasi​

Sea transportation means all kinds of modes of transportation that operate in the ocean. This mode of transportation is divided into several types, according to their respective functions. If you look at sea transportation in Indonesia, then you will find several types of sea transportation that are usually used for public purposes. However, some are used for special purposes only. The following are various types of sea transportation in Indonesia:

As the name implies, this ship functions as a mode of sea transportation for transporting goods. However, the goods transported on these ships are generally imported or exported goods. The goods will later be brought from one port to another around the world.

Unlike cargo ships, this one ship is a mode of sea transportation used to transport passengers. If you look at the history of ships in ancient times, this means of transportation was used as the main choice for those who wanted to go on pilgrimage and umroh.

This means of transportation is still used today. Usually, this type of ship is used as an alternative transportation for those who want to go home and have to cross the island. For its own capacity, passenger ships can generally accommodate up to hundreds of passengers.

Faktor Manusia Dalam Transportasi

This sea transportation has the same function as a passenger ship. However, the difference is that ferries have a smaller capacity than passenger ships. Besides being able to carry passengers, ferries can also be used to transport land transportation equipment. For example cars, trucks, motorbikes, and others.

This mode of transportation is generally used by fishermen who catch fish. Especially if the fishermen want to catch fish in large quantities. This ship is equipped with a special booth that is used to store the fish caught. Where the chamber is usually equipped with a cooling machine. The function of the cooling machine is to keep the fish fresh and fresh until it arrives at the port.

Usually, you can find this type of ship in narrow ports. The function of this ship is to tow large ships when they want to dock or want to

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