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Perangkat Lunak Manajemen Proyek – 4.1 People 4.1.1 Players (Stakeholders) 4.1.2 Team Leader 4.1.3 Software Team 4.1.4 Three Team Organizations (Mantei) 4.1.5 Factors in RPL Team Structure Planning (Mantei) 4.1.6 Impact of Project Characteristics on Team Structure 4.1 .7 Coordination and Communication Issues 4.1.8 Project Coordination Methods (Crawl and Street) 4.2 Problem 4.2.1 Problem Scope 4.2.2 Problem Decomposition 4.3 Process 4.3.1 Problem and Process Integration 4.3.2 Process Decomposition 4.3. Decomposition (simple project) 4.3.4 Decomposition example (complex project)

Software Project Management, 3P: A business for managing software projects focused on people (people); Problem (problem) and Process (process) People: everyone involved in the software project Problem: Determine how to define the scope and boundaries of the software project. Practice: A comprehensive foundation in software development

Perangkat Lunak Manajemen Proyek

Senior managers: those who identify business issues that often have a significant impact on projects. Project (technical) managers: must plan, motivate, organize, and control the product or program. Practitioners: those who provide the engineering skills needed to engineer a product or program. Customers: Defines the type of need for a software engineer. End users: who will use the software.

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4 4.1.2 Team Leader Team Leader: Someone who leads a software project. Requirements: MOI Leadership Model (Weinberg): Motivation: Ability to motivate technical staff to produce as much as possible. Organization: the ability to create ongoing processes that enable the translation of key concepts into an end result. Ideas and innovations: the ability to inspire people to create and act creatively, even when working within a framework built for a specific software product.

5 4.1.3 Software team Alternative use of human resources in software: n people are assigned m different functional tasks (m>n), there are people with a combination of jobs. n people are given m different tasks (m < n), and an indirect informal group is formed. Individuals divided into n groups, each group having a specific function. Optimal team structure based on management style, number of people, skill level, and complexity of the task.

Democratic Decentralization (DD); There is no permanent leader, decisions are made jointly, horizontal relationship. Control Decentralized (CD); there is a leader for each “task” and a sub-leader for each “subtask”, and there is horizontal and vertical communication. Centralized Control (CC); There is a team leader for high level problem solving and internal coordination and vertical coordination

Problem Difficulty Level Program Size (in LOC or FP) Team Life Level Program Modularity Program Quality and Reliability Development Time Level of Project Alliance

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There are many things that cause problems in software projects, including: Scale (scale): the scope of the project is so large that it is difficult to coordinate. Uncertainty (uncertainty): constant changes. Interoperability (interoperability): software developed must be able to communicate with other software.

An informal, formal approach. Documents, technical notes, project timelines, schedules, bug tracking reports, etc. Personal, official transactions. Focused on quality assurance activities including design and code reviews. Personal, informal practices. Team meetings for information sharing and problem solving, requirements gathering and employee development. Electronic communication. , E-BB, websites, video conferencing. Personal system. Informal discussions with people outside the project.

11 4.2 Problem A software project manager is faced with the challenge of defining quantitative estimates and organizational plans at the beginning of the project, but the precise information is not yet available. A complete requirements analysis is necessary for evaluation, but it takes a lot of time as the project progresses and sometimes the requirements change. Solution: Get the scope right and right away.

How does the installed software fit into the system, product, or larger business context, and what constraints are imposed by that context? Data Objectives What client data objects are generated as output from the software, and what data objects are required as input? Function and Performance What function is performed by software to convert input data into output?

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13 4.2.2 Problem Decomposition Problem decomposition, also known as decomposition, is at the heart of software requirements analysis. Decomposition occurs in 2 ways: Functions to be produced Processes to be used to produce something that people tend to decompose when faced with complex problems.

14 4.3 Implementation Generic Phases and Software Characterization: Defining, Developing and Maintaining A Generic Phase is implemented through one of the software engineering models. The project manager must select the most appropriate engineering model based on the problem characteristics, team, and project criteria.

The initial phase of project planning begins with grouping problems and processes. Each function to be processed must pass a certain amount. For example, an organization adopts the following business framework: Customer Communication – establishes effective communication between developers and customers Scheduling – determines resources, deadlines and other project information. Risk analysis – identifies risk and technical Engineering – software development Build and release – build, test, install and support users (documentation and training) Customer evaluation – customer feedback Next, a matrix is ​​created.

17 4.3.2 Division of Operations Selecting the software firmware that best suits the software’s relative level. If the project is relatively small and similar to previous projects, a linear approach may be chosen. If the problem is broken and time is limited, the RAD model may be chosen. If time is limited but work is not convenient, an incremental strategy may be chosen. etc. Once the model is selected, a common process framework (CPF = common process framework) must be adapted to the model.

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Make a list of comments Meet with customers for comments Define the limit together Improve the limit based on different constraints

Assess customer requirements Schedule a formal meeting with the customer and conduct research to identify proposed solutions Prepare business documents and agendas for formal meetings Conduct meetings Collaborate on detailed specifications that describe the software’s behavior, functionality, and features Review each detailed specification Add detailed specifications to the scope document to improve consistency and reduce ambiguity. Modify the relevant document as necessary. ***

We register and share user data with processors to operate this website. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including our cookie policy. 2 INTRODUCTION Software project management is an important part of software development. Although not as technical as coding, these aspects of PL project management can determine whether a project will work well enough to produce a good product. To streamline project activities from a management, human resource and organizational perspective

3 RECOVERY is a process of achieving common goals by using four basic functions of planning, organizing, executing, and controlling based on key resources.

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Planning Planning, selecting activities, deciding what to do next, when, how and by whom. Planning is a process that does not end when the plan is set; plan should be implemented. At any point in the implementation and monitoring process, plans may require improvement to be useful. “Rework” can sometimes be a key factor in being able to adapt to new situations and conditions as quickly as possible. An important aspect of planning is decision-making, the development and selection of a set of activities to solve a particular problem. Organization (structuring) Organization is the design of an organizational structure in accordance with the organization’s goals, resources, and environment. The two main aspects of organizing organizational structure are division and division of labor. Decentralization is the grouping of organizational activities to carry out related activities together. Division of labor is the division of tasks at work so that each person in the organization is responsible for performing a set of activities. Directing Directing involves subordinates being prepared to understand and contribute their strengths in an ethical and effective manner to achieve the organization’s goals. 1. The principle leads to objectives 2. The principle of alignment with objectives 3. The principle of integrity of leadership Supervision (supervision) Supervision is a process to ensure that organizational and management objectives are achieved. Preliminary inspection b. Monitoring is carried out in conjunction with the implementation of measures. c. Feedback control

Software project management manages 4 important things: Personnel issues (problems) Product process and Project related personnel occupy the most important place because without good and right personnel, other 3 things cannot be good.

The software development process involves many employees and is divided into 5 categories: senior manager (technical) project manager – leader of a team of practitioners Senior manager of the software user client: who determines the effort and makes decisions in the project. project manager (technical) – team leader: plans, motivates, organizes and supervises practitioners working on software: works on customer software: determines the needs of other parties related to users of the software and production software: directly interacts with software developers . The built system meets the customer’s needs – a prototype… and users can learn the rules and how to use the built system Why is it needed?

Monitor the project to ensure it remains within the specified quality standards. Monitor whether the project can be completed on schedule. Monitor whether the project can be completed within the planned budget. Preference will be given to those with experience and leadership skills

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8 Software Group The organizational structure in this group can be adapted from existing organizational structures. Below are some options for dividing the tasks/tasks that can be performed for a software development team of n employees

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