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Sistem Manajemen Laboratorium – Laboratory quality management planning. Laboratory management planning contains plans for the laboratory’s activities, which are usually to be carried out for the next year, in detail so that there are no gaps that could reduce the quality of the tests carried out in the laboratory. Good and regular management in policy making, especially by paying attention and considering the roles of each section, it is hoped that policies and regulations will be made so that they can ensure the implementation of the quality system (Fandy and Anastasia, 1995).

The laboratory management plan is structured to produce activities that can have a major impact on the success of the laboratory. Lab management planning activities can be done through training preparation, creating procedures, socialization, PPE procurement, equipment procurement, consumer measurement, internal audits, management reviews, accreditation audits. A plan can work well if nine activities can be found. The results of laboratory management planning are as follows:

Sistem Manajemen Laboratorium

Training is an effort to improve work performance in a specific job that is responsible. Ideally, training should be designed to meet the goals of individual workers. Training is often considered the most common activity and leaders encourage training because it is through training that new and existing employees can learn the essential skills they need to perform their jobs.

Bsn Mengajak Semua Pihak Untuk Semakin Memahami Pentingnya Sistem Manajemen Biorisiko Laboratorium

When planning laboratory management activities, the understanding of laboratory management based on the ISO 17025 system, internal audit laboratory management system according to ISO 17025, occupational safety laboratory management according to ISO 17025 and risk measures are carried out at the beginning of the first month.

Training activities aimed at understanding laboratory management, internal audit laboratory management systems and occupational safety based on ISO 17025 are aimed at making the staff understand and understand the intent of ISO implementation. The role of the laboratory is very decisive in the process of quality control and ensuring the quality of the products it produces. In order to achieve uniformity of analysis results between laboratories, an international standard is needed that includes quality and technical systems, one of which is ISO 17025. ISO 17025 is currently very popular among laboratory professionals.

The application of this standard is generally associated with the accreditation process carried out by laboratories for various purposes. This is of course an encouraging phenomenon considering that ISO/IEC 17025 is an internationally recognized standard and formal recognition of the competence of testing laboratories and calibration laboratories through accreditation is widely used as a requirement for acceptance of test results and calibration results required by various parties around the world .

The benefits and accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 are risk reduction enabling the laboratory to determine whether workers are doing work correctly and according to procedures, commitment to all laboratory staff according to customer needs, continuous improvement of the laboratory management system, development of staff skills through training programs and performance evaluation their work, improving image and increasing customer trust and satisfaction (Bateman, 2008).

Manajemen Laboratorium Rumah Sakit

In the planning of the laboratory management, at the beginning, SOP preparation activities are carried out in the preparation of tools and materials, titration methods and work safety, preparation of IK using burettes, funnels, Bunsen burners, use of heating devices and soxhlets and preparation of GLP titration methods. Moon.

Personal staff are prepared to be able to create SOPs, so preparation is necessary when creating SOPs. While creating this procedure, you will also learn how to design an SOP that acts as a work system to ensure that the laboratory processes run in accordance with the concepts and rules in business management, where all processes as well as standard operating procedures will guarantee customer satisfaction. outside and inside the company. Of course, the preparation of this procedure should be clear and understandable, because a good SOP is one that is proven to increase work productivity and can maintain harmonious working relationships between employees and all departments.

In creating this procedure, the role of each of these procedures will be clearly explained, which can be used as a means of communication and also to align perceptions between the various parties involved in the management of the organization. The role of this SOP is also used as a medium to control and monitor the quality of performance in the work profession (job content) of the organization. By creating this SOP, unity of perception will be achieved so that there are no errors in communication, no conflicts of division/company elements, commitment to work duties, which has a major impact on increasing the company’s productivity performance.

Then the SLP is created, the SLP is one of the overall management systems of the laboratory including organization, equipment, personnel, analytical methods, analysis implementation, monitoring, report records, status of laboratory equipment and infrastructure. Thus, it can be hoped that the laboratory can produce reliable data with a high level of accuracy to meet the standard requirements for occupational health and safety in the laboratory.

Audit Internal Qms Iso 9001:2015 Dan Sistem Managemen Laboratorium Sni Iso/iec 17025:2017 Balai Pom Di Manokwari

The purpose of the SLP training is to guide laboratory personnel to carefully plan the test and work so that the entire process can be accurately and completely documented and can be traced in detail if necessary. And we hope that participants will be able to: good planning and execution (good planning and execution), good sampling (good sampling practice), good analysis (good analytical practice), good measurement (good measurement practice), documenting the results of good testing/data (Good Documentation Practice), maintaining accommodation and a good working environment (Good Housekeeping Practice).

IK production is one of the systems designed to facilitate the operation of all equipment in the laboratory by employees or practitioners. On the other hand, CI also means the procedures and practice of using the equipment in the laboratory that are sufficient to guarantee the quality and intensity of the analytical data issued by the laboratory testing activity.

In the laboratory management plan, socialization activities on the use of PPE, chemical equipment, fire extinguishers, first aid and waste management are carried out in the third month. The socialization activity was carried out with the aim that disciplined workers working with PPE for health and safety understand and know the dangers that may arise when working in the laboratory and when handling waste. Once familiarized and understood, workers will be more careful to reduce the possibility of an accident in the laboratory. Workers are socialized to follow all the rules in the lab.

When planning the management of the laboratory to purchase PPE, it is very important as personal protection for employees, such as lab coats, masks, goggles, lab shoes and more. This activity was implemented in the second month.

Panduan Penerapan Sistem Manajemen Biorisiko Laboratorium (smbl) Dan Organisasi Terkait Lainnya

The laboratory administrator is obliged to provide labor free of charge to all others who enter the workplace. provided:

Determination and use of PPE must be used for personnel in the laboratory. Labor inspectors or health and safety experts in the company, the procurement of PPE is an important requirement for these workers, so that employees are always in good health, well-being, safety, security and productive at work. Achieving this goal requires the willingness, ability and good cooperation of all parties. Representatives of the laboratory’s employees must participate in the selection of personal protective work equipment. Laboratory administrators are required to provide sufficient personal protective equipment according to the type of potential hazard and the number of employees in the laboratory.

A device is a device that can be used directly. In planning the management of the laboratory, the acquisition of equipment is very important because it can support the improvement of the service system in the laboratory. This activity was implemented in the second month.

The main part of the laboratory facilities, including the location of the laboratory, the construction of the laboratory and other facilities. Including main door, emergency exit, type of workbench/equipment, type of roof, type of wall, type of floor used, type of footwear for workers, type of lamp used in laboratory room, type of ventilation used in laboratory, type of air conditioner, type of storage location, types of chemical cabinets, types of optical instruments, types of scales and other instruments, laboratory conditions and so on. In laboratory support facilities, covering the needs of electricity, gas, water, communication technology and work safety support such as fire extinguishers and others.

Kegiatan Kaji Ulang Manajemen Laboratorium Balai Besar Pom Di Yogyakarta

Customer satisfaction measurement is also carried out in laboratory management planning. Customer satisfaction measurement is carried out in order to determine the success of the laboratory and to identify shortcomings in the laboratory. In the third month, a survey was conducted directly with consumers by directly asking about a product that had previously been tested in a laboratory.

When measuring consumer satisfaction, this is possible through the distribution of questionnaires, which were first prepared in the fourth month before the distribution of questionnaires. The questions that will be asked should be tailored to the target consumers that will be asked for information so that the results obtained are reasonable. After the distribution was carried out, the collection and analysis of overall customer satisfaction was carried out, in the following month an evaluation of each activity related to the survey results and the collection of questionnaires was carried out, the evaluation was carried out in order to correct the shortcomings of the laboratory that could affect consumer satisfaction.

At present, the development of laboratory maintenance, activities and the problems they face are more and more complex, so it is more and more difficult for management to directly supervise all activities in the laboratory, an internal audit or internal control section is necessary Internal audit of activities. Internal audit is a monitoring element of the internal control structure in the organization, which serves to monitor the effectiveness of other elements of the internal control structure.

This function of internal audit is an effort to take preventive measures, detect deviations through ongoing guidance and monitoring of internal controls. For the internal audit to work properly, the internal auditor must be a person who really understands the audit procedures established by the laboratory and at the same time has sufficient independence from the examined part (Herujito, 2006).

Sistem Manajemen Laboratorium Dalam Solusi Kesehatan

Internal audit questions are conducted in the fourth month. Socialization was carried out with the aim of personal understanding of the purpose of the audit itself, so that it would be easier to carry it out. After that, the preparation of the audit takes place in the fifth to eighth month. The preparation of the audit requires quite a lot of time, because there are many aspects to be audited. The audit will be carried out in the following month. After an audit is conducted, data collection takes time and audit staff spend a lot of energy evaluating it.

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