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Android Developer – Diving into the world of Android Developers at this time is indeed tempting. In addition to the rapid career opportunities, regardless of the level, including Junior Android Developers, they will enjoy a great opportunity to grow together with the birth of applications and technology related to the Google operating system.

After these general advantages, pursuing a career as a Junior Android Developer is certainly not easy and not as fast as one might think. The company will assess your ability before giving you big responsibilities that will result in a salary increase.

Android Developer

The following are the criteria for a Junior Android Developer that you should know, regardless of the current status of those who are still applying for a job or occupying a position as a beginner.

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In any type of work, the company first tests your technical abilities according to your field of study. For Junior Android Developers, there are at least five technical skills that need to be mastered:

This programming language is a favorite of many developers because it is often used to create Android-based applications. As a Junior Android Developer, you at least know the basic syntax and structure of the program. It is not necessary to understand all the details of the latest version of Java. Things to understand include variables, lists, “loops”, control structures and object-oriented concepts, such as class methods vs. static and derived methods.

Understanding in the Android SDK realm includes the basics of layout and “views”, their activities and life cycle, user “input”, how to get data from web, store data, “collection view” and how to accommodate different screen sizes and densities.

In addition, you should learn how to use the Android documentation and sources, such as TreeHouse, to start a new part of the SDK.

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Getting data from the “web” is a fairly basic skill for application development because there are many applications that have network-based components. Point number 3 may not be absolute but in anticipation of vacancies for Junior Android Developers to be able to work on their own API or from a third party. It’s usually a JSON/REST API other than XML/SOAP which is still fine.

This is also optional. Knowing Git will help you use some kind of version control system. You don’t need to be an expert. Know the basics of creating and using repositories, committing and pushing changes.

Sometimes there are job vacancies asking Junior Android Developers to help with their “back-end” system. Simply understand how to modify existing “back-end” APIs to adapt to changes in the application you are working on.

Complement the technical competence above with non-technical abilities, ie being able to work in a team and have good communication skills.

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Also increase writing skills, such as writing technical documentation, summary of your work for non-technical assignments of partners for regular communication through conversation, e-mail and more.

Your Junior Android Developer status will be elevated by having experience in publishing your Android based applications. Employers will be impressed with this achievement as it shows you have a proven portfolio.

The last one is graduating from a major related to this profession. The mastery of theory should not be excluded apart from the practice of making applications. And, what else is more influential to prove your mastery of the theory than a diploma from a university?

We provide competent trainers in the field of Information and Technology with a certified and proven track record for human resource development from leading multinational and national companies in Indonesia. To formalize the training program while creating a solid foundation for the educational programs, Triple One Global Indonesia develops by combining high quality IT education and IT Training to increase broad knowledge about the latest developments. We strive to make Android development content accessible to everyone, so anyone can become an Android developer. Over the years, millions of students at all different levels have consumed our learning content and worked through courses and codelabs to advance their skills. We continue to update and release new content as the ever-changing industry continues to evolve.

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As the demand for skilled Android developers increases in the job market, there is an even greater need for educators to train the next generation of Android developers. That’s why we created these resources to help support and empower educators.

Today we’re announcing the launch of our new instructor-led curriculum for Android Development with Kotlin. This is for classroom learning (virtual or in-person) with an instructor lecturing on important Android concepts, and students receiving hands-on practice through codelabs. The official course materials are now available and can be freely modified by teachers to adapt to the needs of their students.

This is a major update to the curriculum we released in 2018. The updates account for the most recent changes in the Android platform, from the release of the Android Jetpack libraries to Android development becoming the first Kotlin. The Kotlin programming language helps developers become more productive with a more concise syntax and improved code safety. More than 60% of professional Android developers already use Kotlin, and it’s Google’s recommended programming language for new developers building Android apps. While instructors do not need Android or Kotlin experience to teach the curriculum, prior programming experience is recommended.

Partnered with universities and skill partners in India such as Shivaji University, I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Chandigarh University, Ganpat University, Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge (TASK), and the Technology Academy of Kerala Information and Communication, which will be among the first to offer this curriculum to their students in the Spring, with more universities to follow in the Fall and in the coming semesters. With the curriculum now publicly available, educators are invited to begin teaching Android development.

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“As it is the most practical course, students learn implementations that will help them in their placements in mobile app companies.” -Dr. Kavita S. Oza, Shivaji University

Outside of a formal classroom, peer learning has also been shown to be an effective way to learn Android. That’s why today we’re also making the Android Study Jams program available to all developers. Android Study Jams allows a group of people to come together and learn Android development through hands-on codelabs in an online curriculum. A teacher is not required to give lectures, but it is recommended to have a facilitator to organize group meetings. No programming experience is required to get started. More than 38,000 students in Google Developer Student Clubs around the world have already participated in this program.

“To introduce people to Kotlin and to be by their side in this first step that can touch their lives has created great joy and excitement for us.” – Ceren Tunay and Serkan Alc, Developers of Turkey Student Club

With many paths to learning, it’s always interesting to see the different journeys of students who become Android developers, and exciting to see the resulting personal success, innovative apps, and entrepreneurial activities they have. The following video highlights two developers and how learning Android development shaped their careers.

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For independent learners, we also offer self-paced learning content, Udacity courses and Nanodegrees, YouTube videos, and more resources at Keep us posted on how your learning journey is going!

#EdTech #STEM #TechEd #TechEdu Android Study Jams curriculum Education educator faculty Featured teacher Kotlin latest outreach schools study group teach university This post examines some of the best ways to find a job as a developer of Android. This includes tips to make yourself more employable, as well as a guide to becoming a freelancer and living the ‘laptop lifestyle’.

If you want to prove your employability in the future, learning the program is one of the best things you can do. Since Android is the most popular operating system in the world, it’s probably a pretty good place to start. Finding a job as an Android developer isn’t as impossible as you might think at first, either.

There are many ways to learn Android development. Once you have acquired the necessary skills to become an Android developer, how do you find a job?

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Where are the best places to look? How do you advertise yourself? What types of work are available?

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of your options. Being a developer can open up some incredible new opportunities as you bravely pioneer a new job market.

Finding a permanent Android developer job is like finding any other job. You can search job listings and apply, complete your LinkedIn page with all your experiences and achievements. There are also some sites that list jobs specifically for coders, such as Stack Overflow. Be sure to check those out along with the usual culprits.

The thing to note here however, is that “Android development” is a fairly specific niche, which will limit the number of companies looking to hire. The types of companies looking for an Android developer are usually:

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The first of these categories is a relatively limited pool – most smaller businesses outsource this type of work. If it’s a “pizza ordering” app, then it won’t require much daily maintenance and can be left to twirl the finger. Working for an app design “agency” or company is sometimes easier (although this means you’ll only get a share of the profits).

For these reasons, it can be useful to supplement the knowledge of Android Studio and Java with other skills. If you can maintain a company’s app and website, it’s likely to be of better use. You will probably be placed in general “IT support” work as well. Your boss — like your Grandma — will probably think that being a programmer means being able to magically solve all computer problems. Learning HTML or at least familiarizing yourself with WordPress can be a good strategy

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