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Perkembangan Teknologi Processor – The processor is a very important part of the computer that acts as the brain of the computer. Without a processor, a computer is just a stupid machine that can’t do anything. The processor we use today is very fast. Of course, to reach the speed so far, the processor is experiencing growth. So, here the development of processors starts, from the 4004 microprocessor generation used in Busicom computing machines to Intel’s quad-core Xeon.

The processor development was started by Intel processors and was the only microprocessor available at the time. But at this time, processors from many other manufacturers are circulating so that users can get a variety of processors.

Perkembangan Teknologi Processor

In 1971 the first Intel microprocessor appeared, the 4004 microprocessor was used in the Busicom calculator. This discovery paved the way for incorporating artificial intelligence into inanimate objects.

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The brain was a computer called Altair, which at that time sold about ten thousand within 1 month

Important sales in the computer sector occurred in personal computer products made by IBM that used the 8088 processor, which succeeded in strengthening the name of Intel.

Intel 286 or better known as 80286 is the processor that was able to recognize and use the software used for previous processors.

The Intel 386 is a processor that has 275,000 transistors built into the processor, which is 100 times more than the 4004.

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The first processor made it easy for various programs that previously had to type commands with just one click, and included complex math functions to reduce the workload on the processor.

Designed for use in server applications and workstations, built for fast data processing, this processor has 5.5 million transistors built into it.

The Pentium II processor is an Intel MMX hybrid processor specifically designed to efficiently process video, audio, and graphics data. 7.5 million transistors are embedded in it so that PC users with this processor can process various data and use the Internet better.

A processor built for the needs of server applications. Intel at that time wanted to carry out its strategy of offering a unique processor for a specific market.

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Intel’s Celeron processor is a processor released as a processor intended for users who don’t really need faster processor performance for users who want to build a computer system on a very budget (price). This Intel Celeron processor has the same form factor as the Intel Pentium processor, but with fewer instructions, smaller L2 cache, lower clock speeds, and a lower price than the Intel Pentium processor. With the launch of the Celeron processor, Intel again offers a processor for a specific market.

The Pentium III processor is a processor with 70 additional new instructions that dramatically enriches the capabilities of 3D imaging, audio playback, and video and speech recognition applications.

Intel re-entered the server and workstation market with the release of the Xeon series but the Pentium III version, which had 70 SIMD instructions. The advantage of this processor is that it can increase the speed of information processing from the system bus to the processor, which also increases performance significantly. This processor is also designed to be combined with other similar processors.

The Pentium IV processor is an Intel product whose processing speed can penetrate up to 3.06 GHz. It was first launched at 1.5 GHz in a 423-pin form factor, after which Intel switched from the Intel Pentium 4 processor to a 478-pin processor, starting with the 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor and working its way up to the latest. It is currently capable of penetrating at speeds up to 3.4 GHz.

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The Intel Pentium 4 Xeon processor is an Intel Pentium 4 processor that is specifically intended as a computer server. This processor has more pins than the Intel Pentium 4 processor and also has a larger L2 cache.

Itanium was the first 64-bit based processor intended for use in servers and workstations as well as for special users. This processor was created with a completely different architecture than before, which was based on Intel’s Explicit Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) design and technology.

855 chipset and Intel® PRO/WIRELESS 2100 are Intel® Centrino™ components. Intel Centrino is built to meet the market need for a computer that is easy to carry anywhere.

Equipped with 855 chipset with new system bus features of 2Mb L2 Cache 400MHz and compatibility with the previous Pentium M series processor socket.

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Marketed for PC users who want more from their PCs, this processor uses a 3.73GHz, 1.066GHz FSB, EM64T, 2MB L2 cache, and HyperThreading configuration.

This processor is 64-bit based and is called dual-core because it uses 2 cores, with a 1MB L2 cache configuration on each core, 800 MHz FSB, and can operate at 2.8 GHz, 3.0 GHz, and 3.2 GHz. slow This type of processor also includes HyperThreading support.

The processor is used for desktop type and for people who want more power than their computer has 2 cores with 2.4 GHz configuration with 8 MB of L2 cache memory (up to 4 MB accessible per core), front bus 1.06 GHz and power Thermal Design (TDP)

The processor used for the server type and has 2 cores with a configuration of 2.13 and 2.4 GHz, with 8 MB of L2 cache (per core can reach 4 MB), front side bus of 1.06 GHz and thermal design power (TDP).

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This processor is codenamed Nehalem. At first, the new i7 name change made loyal Intel customers remember. Some of the advantages of this latest Intel processor are:

In addition to the new items above, it was revealed that the Core i7 processor uses the old Intel Pentium technology that is no longer used in the Intel Core generation, namely Hyper-Threading. With this Hyper-Threading technology in the operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.) it is as if the processor core is doubled, for example: in the operating system a 4-core Core i7 processor is recognized as 8 cores. The i7 processor has 4 cores (4 processor cores) or usually Quad Processor.

AMD K5 was originally designed to work on all motherboards that support Intel, so a motherboard that supports Intel will also support AMD K5. Back then, not all motherboards could detect AMD right away, and the BIOS had to be upgraded to be able to detect AMD.

The AMD K6 processor is a high-performance 6th generation processor that can be installed on motherboards that support the Intel Pentium. AMD K6 itself is still divided into models, namely: AMD K6, AMD K6-2, AMD K6-III

Sejarah Perkembangan Processor Amd

AMD Duron is a low-cost version of the processor family introduced in 2000, originally codenamed Spitfire, based on the Thunderbird Core. AMD Duron is a “compact” version of AMD Athlon that has all AMD Athlon architectures. The performance of AMD Duron and AMD Athlon is almost the same, the only difference is 7%-10% slightly more than AMD Athlon. Currently, AMD has stopped the production of AMD Duron.

AMD Athlon is a replacement for the AMD K6 series of microprocessors. This processor is AMD’s return action to the high-end microprocessor industry market, and AMD wants to replace Intel as the market leader in the microprocessor industry. Some additional features of this processor are the addition of two instructions for 3DNow! and two instructions for MMX that float in the floating-point pipeline. Available in the AMD Athlon processor, it has been improved and expanded by adding 24 instructions for integer arithmetic calculations. This processor has better performance than the Intel Pentium III Katmai and is only accessible by the Intel Pentium III Coppermine. Other features of this processor are AMD Athlon can be used as a processor for multi-processor systems such as Intel’s 6th generation processor (P6). Using the AMD 750 MP (Iron Gate) and AMD 760 MPX chipsets, AMD creates a computer that has two AMD Athlon processors.

4. AMD Athlon / Athlon Professional is intended to compete with Intel Pentium II Xeon and Intel Pentium III Xeon processors with all the reliability they have. The Athlon wins in the system bus architecture, while the Xeon wins in the level 2 cache that runs at full speed even when the Xeon is on a cartridge.

5. Intel Pentium II and Pentium III are not rivals that can match the power of Athlon processor. Only Pentium Coppermine only. AMD Athlon stuck at 1000 MHz, AMD managed to reach the psychological limit, breaking the 1000 MHz (1 GHz) barrier 3 days before Intel released the 1 GHz Intel Pentium III Coppermine. This led to AMD being named “Processor of the Year” in 2000.

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This processor has 3 different types of sockets, which are socket 754, 939 and 940. Socket 754 has a memory controller that supports single-channel DDR memory. Socket 939 has a memory controller that supports dual-channel memory. This processor is the first processor compatible with 64-bit computing. This processor uses AMD 64 technology, which can run on operating systems and applications 32 and 64 bit to work.

It can run on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and applications at full speed. When running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows XP 64 Bit edition, it provides virus protection called Enhanced Virus Protection.

An AMD Athlon 64 FX-based PC system is perfect for PC enthusiasts, audio-video (multimedia) enthusiasts, and game players.

This processor is from a series of processors introduced by AMD in 2004 as a replacement for AMD Duron processors in the low-cost computer market to compete with Intel’s Celeron D processors. AMD Sempron is divided into 2 types, which are:

Perkembangan Processor Intel Dari Dulu Sampai Saat Ini

The socket is a version of the AMD Sempron, a variant of the Sempron based on the AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred processor, because at the time AMD actually released a processor for the AMD Athlon 64 High-End market.

AMD Sempron is codenamed Palermo with AMD Sempron A socket. However, some AMD Sempron series have 64-bit features that are not enabled, so they can only execute 32-bit instructions. This processor, like the AMD Athlon 64 processor, is equipped with a Hyper Transport link that can be connected to the motherboard chipset.

This processor is designed to compete with what Intel has developed with its Core Duo processor. This processor is still based on 64-bit technology, but is intended for intensive digital media users.

In terms of features, this processor is equipped with technologies such as HyperTransport, which can improve overall system performance by removing I/O bottlenecks and increasing bandwidth.

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