Yang Bukan Merupakan Fitur-fitur Pada Teknologi Prosesor Yaitu

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Yang Bukan Merupakan Fitur-fitur Pada Teknologi Prosesor Yaitu – We all understand that the CPU (Central Processing Unit) or the processor is the most important component of the computer as it acts as the regulator and manager of all the commands given. Therefore, the PC’s processor is definitely ready to work for many purposes, such as office standards, gaming, multimedia design or editing.

You definitely need a sufficient processor for your gaming needs. Because modern PC games require a high performance CPU to play the game comfortably. In addition to this, a powerful processor is also needed to maximize the features or functions of the game to make the game more exciting and interesting.

Yang Bukan Merupakan Fitur-fitur Pada Teknologi Prosesor Yaitu

In design and editing work, the processor is needed for multitasking, calculations or rendering of graphic objects. Like gaming, designing and editing require optimal CPU performance to achieve work efficiency and effectiveness. It is also expected to be able to produce high-quality multimedia products such as photos and videos.

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How do you determine the right processor for the above job? In the following, Tekno Thumb gives tips on choosing the best CPU for gaming, graphic product design or multimedia editing.

First of all, what must be considered if the best processor or processor means that the processor / processor really suits your needs, can be used optimally and is within the budget.

No matter how good the specifications are, no matter how expensive the price, if you don’t know how to use it optimally or as needed, it will definitely harm the user. On the other hand, although the price is cheap, but it can be used optimally, it is definitely very profitable.

Before choosing a CPU to play games, you need to understand the system requirements of the application/game you are playing. Every game (including operating systems and all application programs) must have system requirements that must be met in order to run.

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This system requirement includes important computer specifications that need to be met, such as CPU, RAM capacity, graphics card (VGA card), storage capacity and so on. If some components are not met or not suitable, you probably won’t be able to play the game.

Modern PC games usually include two types of required computer specifications, namely minimum specifications and recommended specifications. The minimum specifications are the computer specifications that must be met at least in order to run the games with standard functions/features.

Meanwhile, if you want to play games with full functionality, attractive graphic effects or high screen resolution, your computer must meet the recommended requirements. Of course, these requirements are higher than the minimum requirements.

From defining the system requirements for games, you can already determine the best processor for playing games comfortably. Is the processor worth choosing? Why not ! The game developer must have officially tested the processor. All PC games are guaranteed to run well on processors that are already supported.

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So which one needs to be filled? Processor up to minimum or recommended specs? If the price is indeed higher, a processor with the recommended specifications can be purchased. Of course, you will get better performance and more exciting gaming experience.

When referring to system requirements, there may not be too many processor options. This is because PC games often have different system requirements. Some require high system specifications, some only low. However, most modern PC games have spec requirements that are not that different.

Sometimes PC games only require older generation processors which are hard to find in the market. Or PC games actually require a pretty expensive processor. This is where you need to look for alternative processor options that may be easier and cheaper to get.

Well, all you need to do is look for a processor that might meet the needs of your gaming system. It’s pretty easy, you just need to go to the hardware checker website. There is usually a compare/compare menu between processors. Hardware reviewers usually compare processors based on their performance or performance potential.

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You can also specify which processor you want to use. However, you need to understand the processor side. Of course, you need to actively add information about the computer’s CPU specifications.

There are many processor products on the market. All of them have several product variations with different specifications. Which processor is roughly suitable for playing games? This question is often asked by many PC users, especially common people. The sure answer is a processor that fits your budget and gaming needs.

Now the question comes back to you, how much budget do you have? What PC games are you going to play? If you have more budget, you can go for high-performance / high-end processor.

So, if the budget is not too big, maybe a medium / mid-end processor is right for you. On the contrary, if you can only use a little, only use a low-end processor (low-end/entry-level).

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Let’s move on to the CPU specifications. As explained earlier, you need to (a little) understand the technical features of the processor before choosing or buying. This is directly related to the installation process and the technical performance of the processor in the system later.

For some PC users (especially laymen), processor specifications can seem quite complicated. Because the processor is a complex electronic device. So here are some things about processor specs to consider.

Tekno Thumb wants to build an assembled desktop PC for playing PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground). According to the system requirements of the game, the processor used is at least Intel i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300 or the recommended Intel i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600. This processor is rarely found on the market today. Therefore, as an alternative, it is replaced by a processor with similar specifications.

So the best processor choice according to Tekno Thumb is the Intel Core i3 10100F, taking into account the newer generation (faster performance), HyperThreading features, and it’s easier to get because there are still many available on the market.

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For example, the dedicated budget is 2 million. Currently, with this budget you can already get a low-mid range processor. Low-midrange processors are actually capable of running modern PC games. Examples of low-mid-range processors

Short instructions For the needs of playing modern PC games, you should choose a processor with a high clock speed (frequency speed). The higher, the more comfortable when playing games. No need for a processor with too many cores. Actually four/six cores are enough. Unless you play games while using other applications (multitasking).

Do you play games on low-end/entry-level processors? Oh, still. With notes, the game is light and not too heavy. Even if you demand heavy games, you need to turn off certain features/functions and lower the screen resolution so that it doesn’t stress the “cheap” processor too much.

In principle, the CPU/processor intended for playing games can also be used for graphic design and multimedia editing. Technically, all processors can be used for many different fields. It is the user’s task to adapt his work needs to the computer he is using.

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Determining the best processor for design and editing work is like choosing a processor to run a game. You can choose yourself or look at the system requirements for the design/editing application used. Perhaps you should also look for more in-depth information before deciding on a processor.

It should be noted that the design and editing work is not the same as playing the game. Playing games can be entertainment, recreation or fun. So there is no need to use overly advanced devices (i.e. processor). With a sufficiently cheaper class or at least a mid-level processor, it is very good to aim for an exciting and comfortable gaming experience.

This differs from design or editing work, where the goal is more serious, i.e. supporting productivity or pursuing profit. This work requires the best quality of product/multimedia content such as images, photos or videos. Besides, it still does not rule out the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. Therefore, it is recommended to use the processor with the best performance for this work.

Performance-class or high-end processors definitely offer functions and features that really support design and editing work. The technical data is clearly the most complete. Proprietary functions and features are rarely found in lower-end processors. Naturally, if the price of a high-end processor is quite expensive, but it is certainly equal to the performance and profit produced.

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Tips For design and editing needs, choose a processor with more cores and equipped with hardware accelerator features. What is that ? A hardware accelerator is a special component that is used to accelerate or speed up the operation of special functions. Multiple accelerators that can be used for design editing needs, for example, GPU for graphical computing, including acceleration for video processing functions, image processing, physics simulation, ray tracing Audio signal processor accelerates audio/audio processing operations Artificial intelligence accelerates artificial intelligence functions, including it includes computer vision techniques.

Design and edit using a lower-end processor? You can, but you certainly won’t get optimization from the processor. The work may take longer, and the end result may not be of the highest quality. Low-end processors may be better suited for standard tasks such as creating documents, making presentations, and browsing the Internet.

Once you’ve set up your processor, it never hurts to look for processor reviews. The goal as a material consideration before going to the store. You can search for processor product reviews that are widely available on the internet.

Tekno Thumb wants to build an assembled desktop computer to work in the field of graphic design. The application program is Adobe Photoshop 2020. According to the system requirements of the application, the processor used is at least Intel/AMD with a speed of at least 2 GHz and supports SSE 4.2.

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FYI, SSE 4.2 extension has been supported since Intel Core i7 (Nehalem, release 2008) and AMD FX (Bulldozer, release 2011) era. So choosing the best processor to run the application according to Tekno Thumb is Intel Core i5 10400 with the following considerations

This article is written as a reference for those of you who are still confused about choosing and configuring a processor when you want to build an assembled computer. Everyone sticks to their own choices. Choosing a processor depends not only on your needs or budget, but also

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