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Online Course Catalog – To differentiate yourself in today’s competitive landscape of e-learning platforms, you need a mind-blowing and streamlined UX and UI design concept to present your online courses in a way that appeals to your target audience.

The possibilities for customizing the frontend of the Open edX® platform are basically unlimited. With a few template changes and stylesheet definitions, a completely personalized online learning platform can be created to match your corporate branding.

Online Course Catalog

The only downside is that you or your staff can’t easily implement any changes to the content without coding skills.

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To solve this problem, we decided to use a headless CMS, which allows customers to modify their own content and keep track of their work history — users can log into the admin panel using a repository hosting service such as GitHub or GitLab.

A headless CMS is a type of back-end content management system where the content repository “body” is separated or decoupled from the presentation layer “head”. Using a headless CMS frees content creators from the rigid templates that most traditional content management systems use.

We chose NetlifyCMS, an open source tool that is easy to use and offers a feature-rich admin panel to edit content and further settings. Of course, any other headless CMS can be used as well. Using Open edX

A screenshot of the front-page edit panel using NetlifyCMS and above the resulting landing page after publishing

Catalog Designing Course

Creating landing pages with a headless CMS allows you to combine the power of a content management system — creating pages and news with intuitive editing options for writers and staff members — with the flexibility to use APIs and bring dynamic content or data across a learning management system (LMS) to present a custom online course catalog. To create a unique interface.

The API adds flexibility to the project and customers can expand the presentation layer for the digital platform in a way that appeals to the relevant target audience. With NetlifyCMS and the Open edX® platform, we streamline the presentation of data in a personalized and modern layout. Courses can now be completely organized and displayed as per the needs and desires of each company in different sections, categories through carousels and sliders.

Convince yourself and request a demo to take a look at our work based on NetlifyCMS and the Open edX® platform: 360+ teacher-led, online classroom courses support libraries as educational institutions and provide community members with easy access to professional development, technology and personal Lifelong learning opportunities with enrichment courses. Available 24/7, Courses offers more than 360 six-week online programs taught by college faculty. New courses start every month, and lessons are assigned twice a week, enhanced with images, videos and games to support different learning styles. Users will enjoy a self-paced learning environment and engagement with fellow students and instructors through weekly discussion boards. Your library can enrich lives by providing a variety of learning opportunities that support: Business Professionals – Communication, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Management, Product and Marketing Offerings Computers and Technology – Software, computer applications to suit skill levels from beginner to advanced. Web design, and programming Parenting, languages ​​and arts, hobbies and more – a wide range of personal enrichment topics with something for everyone Health and wellness offers – certifications in topics ranging from mental health and aging to pain management and nutrition

Ready-made programming courses can help complement your on-site library programming without additional staff time or diverse skill requirements, while patrons can explore new interests and skills. Evaluating evaluation program results is easy with the Information Center (IC) administrative dashboard. Library leadership and staff have instant access to key reports detailing overall enrollment, student demographics, and user comments and evaluations. At a glance, see the top 20 courses relevant to your library and find out what new courses are being offered soon.

Online Course Catalog (2022 2023) By San Diego Christian College

Platform 1: In the catalog, one can select from top level subject areas and view categories within each subject.

Platform 2: In the desired category, the student can review each course and select the course of interest.

Final Exam: After the student submits the final exam, the score is displayed immediately. Anyone can come back at any time to view the results or save the final copy.

• Accounting Fundamentals • Speed ​​Spanish • Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019 • Discover Sign Language • Grammar Refresher • Introduction to Online QuickBooks • Computer Skills in the Workplace • Stocks, Bonds, and Investments: Hey! • Project Management Fundamentals • Introduction to Python 3 Programming

Fresno State Builds A Dynamic And Responsive Online Course Catalog

At the conclusion of each course, students are surveyed providing libraries with qualitative and quantitative data that measure results and outcomes.

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