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Online Course Engineering – Civil engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering professions. Civil engineering plays a vital role in overall development and infrastructure. Civil engineering deals with the maintenance, construction and design of many dams, highways, roads, buildings and many others. Civil Engineering online courses are useful for both UG and PG students to develop their skills and enhance their career growth as civil engineers. In this blog, we discuss civil engineering online course eligibility, recruiters and more.

To enroll in this online civil engineering course, you need to pass 12th and study B. Tech civil engineering. And candidates who are pursuing civil engineering can take these online civil engineering courses.

Online Course Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the most important B.Tech courses. If you want to understand complete information about civil engineering, you can go for online civil engineering courses offered by various platforms. By joining these online courses, you can focus and study in specialized courses. Here we offer some online courses on some platforms.

Online Course: Real World Engineering Management From Coursera Class Central

Here are some of the courses below with their duration and fees on Udemy.

Here are some of the courses below with Coursera duration and fees

Here are some of the courses given below along with Swayam duration and fees. All courses are free on this online platform.

Let’s explore the best features of these online civil engineering courses. Some of them are given below.

Online Engineering Entrance Crash Course

No, you cannot learn this civil engineering by yourself, you must have a proper degree from a recognized institute.

Different types of online platforms offer different types of civil engineering courses. you can register for a course that you are already studying in this specialty.

Hope you find the given details about Civil Engineering Online Courses very useful while studying B.Tech Civil Engineering. And still, if you have any doubts about civil engineering courses, you can comment us in the comments. Stay connected to our websites for latest updates. 17+ Mechanics Courses are free which means all lessons are unlocked. Learn mechanical engineering the easy way.

Learning mechanical engineering is always a good learning experience. Learning from a machine and applying that same knowledge to build a new machine is every mechanical engineer’s dream adventure.

Online Piping Design Course In Delhi, Piping Designing Online Design Course In Delhi Online Piping Design Certificate Training , India

In this blog we discuss some of the mechanical engineering courses available online. By studying these courses, you will definitely expand your mechanical engineering knowledge.

The courses below are free to learn, meaning all lessons are open for learning. If you like to experience quizzes and certifications to earn credibility, you can also buy these courses which is quite affordable.

In this course you will learn how to use 30+ mechanical gauges/instruments. This course is higher in practical terms.

Learn to use AutoCAD, learn more about common AutoCAD functions/commands. Also learn drafting and 3D modeling in AutoCAD

Master Of Science In Electrical Engineering

Production planning is production preparation and manufacturing of products in industry. This course is helpful for manufacturing engineer

Learn the fundamentals of materials science in a simple and practical way. In it you will learn about metal, polymer, composite and ceramics. On the example of making cement, paper and light bulb.

3D printing is a process used to create a 3D object from a CAD model. It is used for rapid prototyping and there is very less material wastage as it is an additive manufacturing process.

The main focus of this course is to teach you how to use mechanical measuring instruments. We collect the most common instruments adopted across industries and this course includes the same.

Iit Madras Has Offered A Free Online Course On Robotics

Instrumentation is a unique course in engineering and has various applications in every sector. Measuring systems are used for many detailed purposes in a wide variety of application areas.

Learn how to control inventory and reduce inventory costs. Also learn some inventory control techniques like ABC analysis, VED analysis.

AI is not a common mechanical engineering subject, but we live in the automation industry, so this course will help you understand the basics of automation.

Learn the basics of fluid mechanics and flow measurement. Also explore some of the more common applications of fluid mechanics in the manufacturing industry.

Civil Engineering Online Courses

Learn how heat is transferred in different modes. Learn the fundamentals of thermodynamics and applications in the manufacturing industry.

As a student, the question arose as soon as I heard about numerical analysis. What is special about this area of ​​mathematics and how is it different?

Learn basic machine theory terminology such as position, displacement, velocity, acceleration, cams, discontinuities, balancing, governors, gyroscope, and moment of inertia.

If you think any mechanical engineering course needs to be added, leave a comment below.

Free Online Course

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