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Online Course Mentorship – Once a year, an open call for mentors is opened between August and September. Are you interested? Just fill in the form and have an interview with the EPSA Professional Affairs coordinator. After you have been accepted, you will be in contact with the Coordinator, who will actively inform you about the procedure and maintain contact with your Mentee.

The Mentoring Project is a successful and established project, which was first introduced in the 2013/2014 mandate. Year by year, with the feedback from previous editions, it is improved to exceed the expectations of participants.

Online Course Mentorship

At the beginning you will be involved in the selection process of Mentees. The project is focused on meeting monthly targets so that mentors can see the real progress their Mentees are making. At the beginning of the project there will be a timeline of the specific activities shared with both parties. With this general plan, you will be able to shape the topics and plan activities. With monthly surveys and direct contact with the Professional Affairs Coordinator, we will ensure that activities are completed on time.

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Mentors and Mentees are matched based on the information provided during the registration process. The Professional Affairs Coordinator identifies mutual points of interest on both sides to identify areas of support in which mentors can provide comprehensive guidance. During the process, the Mentor is involved in the final decision-making. The big advantage of this approach is that both parties can possibly continue their contact beyond the finish line of the program.

Mentorship Project is a project that aims to establish a bond between current professionals and students in order to provide them with the career guidance from an international perspective of development.

Through this project, EPSA wants to establish a platform that introduces a greater understanding of professional development in pharmacy.

Mentor Project starts with the open call for mentors, which is usually held in August. Open calls for mentees are organized in October and November. After the allocation of the mentees and mentors, the project starts fully in December and lasts six months until May.

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Become a mentee! How can I get involved? A call for students is opened once a year (October-November). So you will have to select your favorite Mentors and fill the form. Once accepted for the project, you will get complimentary educational sessions and skill building assignments. You will set up a schedule for regular meetings with your Mentor for a period of 6 months (from December to the end of May). After the project, you are free to stay in touch with each other even longer! What are my tasks as a mentee?

Will I only work with one mentor? Yes, initially you are only paired with one Mentor. However, if for some reason your Mentor cannot continue with the program or you want a new Mentor, you will be re-matched. How will I be in contact with the Mentor? You will set up monthly online meetings and keep in touch with your Mentor through any platform you want (Skype, social media, email…). What kind of guidance can I expect? You will receive guidance and support in terms of academic or social problems you may encounter as a student. You will improve your self-efficacy (developing skills such as time or project management by completing assigned work). In addition, additional resources will be provided to pave the way for your academic, personal and professional development. Last but not least, you can count on a comfortable environment to discuss ideas about professional life. How am I connected with the Mentor? Mentors and Mentees are matched based on the information provided during the registration process. Coordinator of the project identifies mutual points of interest from both sides to determine areas of support in which mentors can give comprehensive guidance. During the process, the Mentor is involved in the final decision-making. A major advantage of this approach is that both parties can potentially continue their contact beyond the finish line of the program. What activities will be organized for mentees during the Mentor Project?

Hi, I’m Alexandra, and I’m enthusiastic. I graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at UMF CAROL DAVILA in 2016 and then got a master’s degree in forensic chemistry. I have been working in the pharmacovigilance department of a pharmaceutical company since 2019. During this period I had the following responsibilities: -to implement and respect the EMA CoP modules and local legislation requirements -dealt with ICSRs (besides submission to Eudravigilance) -execution of follow-up activities -involved in reconciliations -ensure pharmacovigilance training for local company staff and supplier -ensure implementation of aRMM -submission of PSLL -review of local relevant procedural documents -review of local company’s projects from a pharmacovigilance perspective.

From a background as a pharmacist (Nantes, Rome, Marseille), I participated in different pharmaceutical student associations while doing a SEP in Egypt in 2012.

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I worked in Marketing and Alliance Management for small and medium pharmaceutical companies in France before joining ESSEC Master in Management in Paris and Singapore. I then transitioned into Business Development and Licensing while creating and leading ESSEC Life Sciences, the school’s association focused on bringing together students interested in life sciences and their concrete business applications. The same year (2020) I was selected among the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow by the Global Biotech Revolution (Cambridge University). After graduating from ESSEC, I worked for 1 year in healthcare strategy consulting at Alira Health in Barcelona. At the same time, I am also a Board Member of the ESSEC Alumni Health Club, which organizes conferences and mentoring programs for alumni of the school in health care. Since October 2021, I am the founder and CEO of BTHT (Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare Together): a network of healthcare professionals connecting life science experts (senior industry experts and KOLs) around the world with consultants and investors. I have participated as a mentor or mentee in several mentoring programs, and I am truly passionate about inspiring and empowering young students and graduates. I’m French, live in Barcelona and speak French, English, Spanish and Italian (lost it a bit since my Erasmus in Roma).

I am a pharmacist with an entrepreneurial twist. I am from Romania, where I studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and later lived for two years in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I obtained a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. My work experience covers various fields of health and business in an international environment. Pharmaceutical Industry: Research and Development (Romania), Quality Control (Netherlands); Hospital: Clinical Pharmacy Residency (Romania); Community Pharmacy (Netherlands); Startup Incubator: Business Consulting (Netherlands); Entrepreneurship: Co-founder at Kohe Lele (Netherlands + Romania). After working for several years in different health sectors, I decided to take an entrepreneurial leap. Currently, I am a clinical pharmacy resident and the co-founder of Kohe Lele, a digital platform empowering a global community through accessible sex education and FemTech insights.

Ciprian is a pharmacist working in the Medical Affairs area at AstraZeneca Romania. He was previously involved with EPSA during university, where he worked on the development and coordination of professional development projects for European pharmaceutical students. In addition, Ciprian has also strived to have a positive impact on the personal development of pharmaceutical students, delivering numerous soft skills trainings across Europe from the position of EPSA trainer. As a professional, Ciprian started as a Marketing Intern in Oncology in his 5th year of study, contributing to the marketing strategy and digitization of marketing assets in Novartis Romania. After graduation, he began a new journey in Medical Affairs, where he strived to make an impact on the education of healthcare professionals on future gene therapies from Novartis Pipeline, from the position of Jr. Medical Science Liaison. Currently Ciprian works as a Jr. Medical Advisor for AstraZeneca Romania, where he is involved in educational and scientific initiatives, both in collaboration with an internal cross-functional team or with external stakeholders from the healthcare industry.

Clement is an industrial pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist working in formulation R&D for an NGO based in New York City. He has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Delivery from the United Kingdom in addition to a Pharm.D. and an M.Sc. of France. He completed internships in pharmaceutical industries in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as hospital and research placements in France. After his Ph.D. he worked for almost 2 years as a senior analyst in a pharmaceutical company in Northern Ireland. He then devoted half a year to meeting fellow pharmacists in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. While in Taipei, he took a three-month intensive Mandarin course to ease his interactions. Before assuming his current position, he worked remotely for 6 months in medical information and drug monitoring for Johnson & Johnson. He has been an active member of the Young Pharmacists Group (YPG) of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) since 2017. He was an IPSF Professional Development Committee Member 2015-18 and was Compounding Event Coordinator 2015-16. He enjoys learning languages, following the latest international news and planning his next adventure. He is passionate

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