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Online Course Music Performance – Learn how to turn your music experience into a passive income stream by teaching online and/or creating your own online music courses.

In the digital world we live in, it has increasingly become the norm to learn online. In this class, teaching music online and creating an online course will be demystified and you will learn the processes in both depth and detail.

Online Course Music Performance

You will also be presented with case studies of musicians who have successfully launched their own online music courses or who are profitably and successfully teaching online.

A Day In The Life

As a vehicle to further empower the professional music community in the digital world, Christy Crowl established the ProMusicDB Digital Musicians Academy in early 2016 as a compliment to ProMusicDB: The Professional Music Credits Database. DMA focuses on teaching musicians how to create new passive income streams for themselves in the field of e-learning by encouraging and encouraging musicians to create their own online courses based on their individual musical experience and expertise.

The e-learning industry has grown nearly 40% each year for the past three years and is expected to reach over $107 billion in 2016. Online courses are becoming the norm in education and creating them is a natural fit for a musician. or creative looking to teach to a larger market online and create passive income for themselves. Last day to save! Register today by 5pm ET to save up to $200 on eligible courses/certificates. See eligible courses and certificates

Berklee is the school of Berklee College of Music, offering access to the renowned Berklee curriculum from anywhere in the world. We are the largest music school in the world – over 30,000 musicians from over 140 countries have attended our courses – but we limit classes to just 20 students per section.

We offer award-winning courses, multi-course certificate programs, a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Music degree and a Master of Arts degree.

Jack Wood Guitar

Our programs provide lifelong learning opportunities for people interested in music and working in the music industry. Courses range from beginner to advanced graduate level.

Berklee offers over 200 courses in every area of ​​musical interest: everything from instruction on specific instruments (guitar, piano, bass, drums, vocals) to music production software (Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic and more) to to larger concepts in music. , songwriting, theory and composition for film, TV and games

Absolute! Like students studying at Berklee’s Boston campus, Berklee students receive instruction from the same world-renowned faculty, with the added benefit of having music industry professionals from around the world teaching as well. You’ll also receive guidance from Berklee-trained academic advisors and have the opportunity to attend the commencement ceremony in Boston with your graduating cohort who also studied in person.

Certificate programs and courses are offered on an open enrollment basis. Simply complete the registration form and provide payment before the course start date and you’re good to go! Degree programs require an application and supporting documents. See admission requirements for more details.

Singer Online Service Or Platform Set. Performer Singing With Microphone Stock Vector

Berklee students are eligible to apply for a Berklee ID. Upon acceptance into the program, students are also provided with a email address.

Students must register for a certificate by paying the certificate registration fee of $175 before completing the final course of the program. All credit courses awarded a passing grade that align with a certificate program may transfer into that program.

Berklee faculty and seasoned professionals teach our courses. Our instructors are recognized experts in their respective fields – they’ve produced and engineered hundreds of artists and numerous award-winning projects, and several of their students have gone on to earn GRAMMY Award nominations.

Financial aid is available for Berklee degree programs. This assistance can come from a variety of sources, including federal awards, foreign grants, and private loans.

Transcultural And Traditional Music Studies Ma

Federal financial aid is not available for non-degree programs. Non-degree students usually finance their costs out of pocket or with a private loan. Review our payment options.

What happens if I submit my graduation application late? Do I still have to apply by December 1st even if I don’t want to go to the commencement ceremony?

Because we must coordinate with the Boston campus for commencement, it is critical that students who plan to attend the ceremony submit their graduation application by 12:00 midnight ET on December 1st. If you apply late, you will have to wait until the following year to run.

We ask that all students who plan to graduate during the current academic year apply for graduation by December 1, regardless of their plans to attend Commencement. Late application for students who do not wish to attend will result in processing delays for your academic record and degree, and your name may not appear on the ceremony schedule.

Harvard University Department Of Music

You may go to Commencement when you have nine (9) credits or less to complete degree requirements by the end of the spring term. Please note: Berklee students are not required to attend the Boston Commencement.

Note: Crossing the stage at Commencement does not mean you have graduated. You will not officially graduate and receive your diploma until you meet all eligibility requirements.

I just finished my last term at Berklee! What happens next? I have to do something?

Congratulations on finishing! If you’ve already completed a graduation application, you’ll want to double-check the “Graduation Checklist” to make sure you’ve taken care of all the items associated with graduation. If you have not completed a graduate application, you will need to do so as soon as possible. You will not be able to graduate until we receive and process your application for graduation.

Ten Week Guitar Course

You will receive your degree within 6-8 weeks of completing your degree requirements. Please note that instructors have up to two (2) weeks to submit final grades after the deadline.

Diplomas are mailed to the address you include on your graduation application. If your mailing address changes after you’ve submitted your graduation application, be sure to let us know at graduation@.

Note that if you go to Commencement, you will not receive your official diploma at the ceremony.

Can I find out how many transfer credits I am eligible for before applying to the degree program?

Apply For Music Ma Degree Course

If you are interested in applying to the Bachelor of Arts program and would like an estimate of the amount of transfer credit you would receive, you may request an informal transfer evaluation by submitting a copy of your transcript(s) to the Berklee Transfer Team. at transfer@. Be sure to include your name, main interest, and any additional questions you may have. You can expect to receive your assessment within 7-10 working days.

I did not receive credit on my formal assessment for all the courses I thought I would take. What should i do?

The sooner you contact us with questions or concerns about your review, the easier it will be for us to resolve any issues. It is therefore very important when you first receive your official transfer assessment that you review the information carefully.

If you notice a remaining requirement that you think you’ve already met, first check our document on common reasons credit doesn’t transfer. The course you are considering may not meet our eligibility requirements.

Learn Intermediate Guitar Fundamentals With Amanda Monaco

If none of these exclusions apply, please complete a transfer credit equivalency reconsideration form for the courses you wish to reconsider.

Sometimes we cannot find specific information for a course and determine an equivalency, but we are always happy to review additional materials that will help us make that determination.

Do my Berklee courses, Berklee campus, or prior education credit count toward the 60 transfer credit limit?

No, credits completed at Berklee or through the prior learning process do not count toward the 60 transfer credit limit. This maximum is for credit-bearing exams and degree-level courses completed externally.

Online Composition Course

Credit deficiencies are caused by transferring a course that has less than three (3) credits to meet a Berklee three (3) credit requirement. Students with a credit deficiency will not meet the minimum number of credits required to graduate once they have completed their program requirements. To be eligible for graduation, you will need to make up credits in which you are deficient.

While the Transfer Team makes every effort to avoid awarding students credit deficiencies, it is not always possible. You can make up credits in which you are deficient by completing additional Berklee courses, applying for prior learning credit, or completing additional external courses in the area in which you are deficient.

Depends. Generally, transfer credit cannot be used to fulfill prerequisites unless we determine that the course you have completed is a direct equivalent to one of the courses we offer at Berklee. Note that there are some courses that require you to pass a placement exam.

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