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Serving good food means great presentation. So why doesn’t a course on teaching food adhere to the same standard, especially when taught online?

Online Course Nutrition

That was Pamela Koch’s reason for reaching out to ‘s Office of Digital Learning (ODL) last spring, when she hit the COVID pandemic, for help redesigning her course, “Food and Nutrition Teaching for All.” “.

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This piece is part of an ongoing series highlighting the efforts of teachers to adapt and improve their teaching in a new era of remote learning. Read more stories from The Digital File.

The course provides nutrition teachers with a step-by-step guide to creating plans to teach youth about food, nutrition, and the social justice aspects of America’s food systems.

“I wanted it to be as engaging and interactive as possible,” says Koch, a research associate professor and executive director of Teachers College’s Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education, and Policy, which is based at the University’s Nutrition Program. . Bolstered by a rapid response development grant, Koch and ODL developed an intensive three-week format that includes a wealth of asynchronous videos, experiential games, and quizzes rich in Koch’s signature advocacy for change, equality, and social justice initiatives through through nutrition.

“ODL has learned a lot about food and nutrition, and I’ve learned a lot about teaching in a digital environment,” says Koch.

Healthy Eating & Food Consultant Practitioner

The makeover began with Minh Le (MA ’19), educational developer for ODL, attending sessions of various courses taught by Koch, including “Program in Nutrition,” “Nutrition Education Strategies,” and “Health Behavior Change “.

TEACHING PARTNERSHIP ODL educational developer MinhLe (right) attended Koch’s class sessions and read course materials to develop interactive tools that furthered her educational goals. (Photos: File)

“Minh wahded while she did in-person demonstrations of various activities,” says Koch. “This gave him an idea of ​​the impact these activities have on the audience, either to inspire them or even surprise them, such as learning that a 20-ounce bottle of soda or fruit drink has more sugar than the recommended maximum to have in a day. .”

Koch also provided Le, who earned her degree in Educational Technology and Media, with much of the course content she planned to cover. She was pleased when he responded, in just a few days, with a variety of creative options.

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“Minh exceeded my expectations and created games and quizzes for the course that had time and a bit of suspense, but also kept the educational message intact.” Koch says. “We really enjoy working together and I think the partnership is reflected in the elements of the course. I was able to provide the content and he was able to “gamify” it.

Minh exceeded my expectations and created games and quizzes for the course that had time and a bit of suspense, but also kept the educational message intact. We really enjoy working together, and I think the partnership is reflected in the elements of the course. I was able to provide the content and he was able to ‘gamify’ it.

For example, in a game titled “Food Factory,” students participated, in an online environment that simulates a real industrial facility, in processing different foods, learning how much nutritional value is added or subtracted at each step.

“Minh was very excited because he had no idea that processing starts in a factory,” recalls Koch. “He said, ‘Let’s get this down on paper and start putting some things together.’ And whether it was the personal health aspect of nutrition education or the green aspect, he was able to take my creative visions and develop them into these amazing games. That really it enhanced my educational goals.”

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HOW SAUSAGE IS MADE A game created by ODL called Food Factory places students in a virtual processing facility, where they learn how much nutritional value is added or subtracted from different foods at each step of production. (Photo: File)

The students were particularly challenged when they played “Ingredients Trivia,” a nutritional knowledge quiz developed by Koch. The goal is simple: mah the correct food with its corresponding set of ingredients through a series of prompts. Subsequently, students are encouraged to share and discuss their results online.

In “Farmers Market,” a module that provides an interactive food map of the United States, students clicked on various US states for a high-level overview of regional foods and their nutritional value.

And using a tool called “Nutrition Puzzle,” students put together a puzzle modeled around nutritional content. Koch herself appears in a pre-recorded video message between each level, offering encouragement and crucial nutritional facts and statistics.

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Just as important, Koch made herself available to students through her flexible office hours and quick email responses. He also opened the digital classroom for group discussions, soliciting feedback, questions, and feedback from students on the course readings.

At the end of the spring semester, the revamped “Food and Nutrition Education for All” received rave reviews.

I’ve always used a lot of visuals and props, but this really confirms that experiential activities and strong images help students learn more and remember more of what they learned.

“I loved this course!” wrote a student. “The mix of short videos and activities was great, it really got my attention and kept me interested! I really appreciated the weekly office hours and the interactive books and resources,” another asked: “Why can’t we structure all of our online classes this way, especially with technology? Thank you for this wonderful and resourceful course.”

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Now Koch hopes to implement the same format in all of its remote courses. “I’ve always used a lot of visuals and props, but this really confirms that experiential activities and strong imagery help students learn more, and CNM offers a 3-year part-time naturopathic nutrition course with clinical training. The diploma course provides high-quality training that equips graduates to develop successful practices.

It is carefully structured. The 3-year program is designed to develop the basics of anatomy and physiology, gradually increasing the student’s skill set along with clinical application to ensure a confident, effective and confident graduate Nutritional Therapist.

Some training providers may offer shorter courses, but in the interest of trust and knowledge integration, we believe that a three-year course with a strong focus on practical application is the ideal structure.

Complete your Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM’s state-of-the-art online learning platform. The course normally takes three years to complete, but it is possible to complete it in less time. Our course advisors will guide you through the different study options.

Nutrition Online Training

The first year of studies focuses on Biomedicine, as CNM believes that training should include a strong foundation in biology, understanding of human health, life stages and disease progressions, and functional laboratory testing processes. A comprehensive understanding of the impact of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors on health is also an important part of the diploma course. You will start clinical practice in Nutrition in year 1 (observing) and in year 2 you will see your own clients under the supervision of highly experienced teachers who are practicing nutritional therapists.

The goal of Biomedicine is for students to understand how the body works, the most common diseases, medical diagnoses, differential diagnoses, and warning symptoms. In this way, a future doctor understands medical conditions, especially dangerous conditions, and can decide what to treat and when to refer to a specialist.

Doctors, dentists, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, midwives, chiropractors, osteopaths, etc. may not be required. take biomedicine; contact CNM for more information and to see if you qualify for direct enrollment. Graduates with an ITEC diploma (eg massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, etc.) will need to do the year of Biomedicine to obtain a CNM diploma.

The goal of Nutrition Year 1 is to enable students to understand the basics of Nutrition and learn to take cases by observing live case taking of patients, following a standard CNM format.

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The aim of Nutrition Year 2 is to teach students how to treat the most common diseases and to gain confidence in treating patients in supervised clinics.

Clinics are of the utmost importance to CNM. This is where students learn to take cases on their own, create nutrition plans, and apply their knowledge. The clinics are supervised by a qualified Nutritional Therapist.

Studying nutrition online at CNM couldn’t be easier. With CNM’s state-of-the-art online learning platform, study guide, comprehensive training material, and additional resources, students have everything they need to successfully complete their nutrition therapy training.

Online students are supported throughout the course with regular tutorials and ongoing help from teachers. During tutorials, students have the opportunity to ask questions, get help with homework, and gain deeper insight into the topics they are studying.

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Exams and assignments are an important part of the online nutrition course. They are used to measure study progress and allow students to keep up. All assignments are submitted online at the end of each module and exams are taken at the end of each year.

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