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Online Course Personal Branding – Whether it’s rebel-themed Instagram posts, cute, poetic tweets that almost always rhyme, or as simple as a unique greeting used as the opening of YouTube videos, there are plenty of ways celebrities can (and show) be unique. images are public. Such methods are called personal branding. Personal branding is done consciously and deliberately as an attempt to differentiate oneself from competitors.

Although I have been familiar with this concept for a long time, I recently realized that personal branding is not only related to the entertainment industry. By no means does it belong solely to the world of our favorite superstar athletes or Instagram influencers. Rather, it is something that we all have to experience at some point in our lives and take good care of in our own way.

Online Course Personal Branding

Last Tuesday (6/10), the Humanities Faculty of Bina Nusantara University held a webinar on “personal branding”. Among the speakers were communications expert Dadi Krismatono, currently managing director at Jakarta-based public relations fm Opapaci Strategic, and Pasa Ramdhaniel, a young and vibrant graphic designer at Codex-Telkom. Indonesia.

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A personal brand, as Dadi puts it, can be defined as “what makes an employer/investor choose a candidate over others.” Hard skills like foreign language skills, graphic design or programming can be difficult; or soft skills such as creativity, critical thinking, or emotional intelligence. In other words, what someone brings to a job interview on top of the basic requirements (like a degree) that have been met. What sets someone apart from others. Differentiation in the workforce can be important, if not always.

“Find Your Difference!” Dadi said. He really encouraged the audience, who are now in their fifth semester, to start building their ‘brands’. To explain them, he also revealed the ten most valuable skills you can acquire in 2020. According to a World Economic Forum report, these skills include complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, judgment and decision making, service orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility.

At the same time, Pasa, who admitted to experiencing something of an existential crisis in her personal branding journey, offered some practical advice that she believes will help viewers build their personal brands. Unlike Dadi, it had more to do with skill development. As if to make it easier on the students’ minds, he abbreviated it to a catchy acronym: ‘TAMER:

(repeat)’. Whether it’s a writing, drawing or communication style, he advised us to first choose our passion and try to replicate the styles. In this way, we will be exposed to many different approaches in a given field, enriching our knowledge and references. With such extensive knowledge, it’s easier for anyone to do the next step: change. It is at this stage that we have the greatest opportunity to build our signature style. After that, we just have to evaluate our work and repeat the process. “It is not right to lead by example until the target learns from it,” he said.

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But once we’ve built a strong brand for ourselves, what do we do? According to Dadi, the answer is to tell a story about ourselves. Everyone should be informed of experiences and opportunities to avoid wasting hard-earned successes and experiences. For this, one can always use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more importantly LinkedIn. However, there are some caveats. Today’s employers need to look for candidates’ digital footprints, not just our positives, but also our negatives online. That’s why Dadi should do our best not to spread hateful words and “negative images” in our online portfolios.

Still on social media, Pasa gave viewers some important advice and that was, “Don’t be a narcissist.” While it’s imperative to spread awareness of our presence, he says, “Sometimes it’s better to make a mark ourselves than the other way around.” Introducing HEIGHTS AI – Get training ideas tailored for you Chat for instant suggestions and support!

Personal branding means creating a business around your name and image. What differentiates personal brands from corporate brands is the human touch.

With a personal brand, people will associate your business with you and you are an important part of it.

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82% of people trust a company more when they see the CEO or senior management (not the brand page) being active on social media.

Building a personal brand is not an overnight task, it takes time and dedication to build and grow your audience. However, our tips today can help you get started and successfully create your personal brand.

If you want to create your own personal brand, there are a few steps you need to take before you start. The success of your business depends on these first steps, so think about it.

Before you begin, it’s important to identify a topic of interest for your personal brand. This step is even more important if you are an online course developer.

Personal Branding For Startup Founders & Freelancers

If you want to create a personal brand around your online course business, make sure your site matches the topic of your online course.

Check out our guide to finding the right niche for you: How to find the right niche and topic for your new online course.

The best place for you is to have something you’re passionate about and you can be – or become – an expert. This should also be a growing area.

Use tools like Google Trends to understand whether a niche is growing or an evergreen topic.

How To Create The Perfect Personal Brand Website With The Our Framework

Remember that this is one of the most important steps in developing your personal brand. If you’re not 100% sure which location is right for you, evaluate the situation. Your chosen location will be your focus for a long time, so don’t rush this step!

Once you know exactly what niche you want to target, it’s time to find the right audience for you.

What do they like? What are their goals? What problems do they have and how can you solve them?

Ask yourself these questions and try to determine which group will see and trust you as an expert.

Create And Implement Your Unique Personal Brand

One of the most effective ways to find the right audience is to identify their biggest pain points. List the most common pain points across different audience types.

If you find a specific problem that you can solve with your personal brand, you will be successful with that audience.

Now that you’ve found your niche and defined your target audience, it’s time to work on your personal brand by choosing your brand values ​​and brand identity.

Because personal branding revolves around the individual (yourself), brand values ​​must align with your personal values ​​and the values ​​of your audience.

Hilary Sutton Personal Brand Course — Hilary Sutton

Write down your values ​​and mission statement, as they will help you connect with potential customers and build a community around your personal brand.

Understanding brand identity is also very important. Which vibes would you like to contact? What do you want your audience to see?

Your personality plays an important role in creating your personal brand identity. Your website design, content, and communication should be consistent with your brand identity.

Kylie Jenner is a great example of a personal brand. We all know that Kylie Cosmetic stands behind her and the brand cannot survive without her.

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The brand’s personality matches the persona it has developed over the years through social media: cool, revolutionary and bold.

The final step in building a personal brand is creating an online space that reflects your values ​​and personality.

Consistency is very important when it comes to developing your personal brand, and your online space should follow the same principles in terms of style and content.

To create an online space that represents your brand, start by creating a website, logo, and adding content to your site.

How To Build A Personal Brand To Promote Your Online Course Business

A great way to connect with your audience is through storytelling. Explain who you are and why you do what you do.

Russell Brunson is the founder of Clickfunnels. She was able to develop a personal brand around her personality and did so by sharing her story.

Your goal should be for your audience to see you as an expert and depend on you.

If you are an online course developer, consider choosing one

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