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Online Course Philosophy – For the curious who love to discover hidden influences in culture, our online Critical Theory and Philosophy mini-course provides an in-depth look at some of history’s most important minds.

We teach in simple language and create space for conversation to help participants master difficult philosophical concepts. Designed for office workers who want to stay sane, we offer a new mini-course each month focused on one author.

Online Course Philosophy

At the beginning of the month, participants receive an introduction to the month’s authors and a list of additional resources. These resources include articles, podcasts, and videos to read, listen to, and watch, all curated to provide participants with additional avenues for engagement that clarify each thinker’s contribution to the philosophy.

Philosophers’ Non Profit Offers Online Critical Thinking Course

We aim to read one central text together, and participants can follow the rabbit trail of curiosity and read as much as they like. We also dig into supplemental material as much as we have time or interest. All participants can start discussions and share resources in a private forum that connects throughout the month. Twice a year, we take a break from heavy reading to read and discuss two philosophical novels together. Every year we start fresh with a new reading list.

We study thinkers in a loose chronological order so that we can trace how ideas evolve over time. Participants have full access to course materials, including recordings of all live discussions. We emphasize live elements and online discussions, but many participants choose to remain self-directed and work through the material on their own. Each participant has a humble intellectual curiosity and an awe-inspiring pursuit of knowledge.

On the last Saturday of each month, we meet for about two hours to discuss the month’s thinkers in a real-time online discussion. By the end of the conference, participants will have a solid understanding of the thinker’s key contributions to critical thinking and how their ideas emerge in culture. This online philosophy course series is designed to combat intellectual isolation and help participants learn more about the way philosophy shapes thought and culture.

We invite you today to unleash your creative intellectual energy by studying mythology, memory, time, wonder, phenomenology, existentialism, language, and thought. Studying philosophy offers many benefits. Learn to think critically. You will also learn how to communicate more effectively. Philosophy also teaches us how to analyze problems and criticize arguments. An introductory philosophy course will also help you develop improved writing skills, better research skills, and you will develop an appreciation for other subjects.

Online Certificate Course On Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophy

Disclaimer: Some courses may contain affiliate links. Courses were first selected according to a methodology where affiliate links were added only after ranking was complete.

For this reason, universities often require philosophy courses for undergraduates. This introductory course is typically 3 credits and lasts one semester if taken in a traditional university setting.

However, there are a variety of online philosophy courses you can take. You can advance your studies by taking a free online Philosophy course before taking Philosophy for credit. In fact, you can take an online philosophy course for college credit if you want. An online philosophy course with a certificate is optional if that’s what you want to do.

Studying philosophy online can help you gain new skills. It can also prepare you to take other philosophy courses in the future.

Become A Philosopher

Choosing an online philosophy course can be a bit overwhelming considering how many options there are. The purpose of this ranking is to narrow the field so that you can choose among the best online philosophy courses available.

There are other criteria that can be used to evaluate courses, but these three criteria give students a complete picture. Understanding the course cost, the value it offers and the level of learning can help you choose the course that fits your needs.

First, each course is scored on the three independent scales mentioned above. You can use these individual scores to quickly determine which course is the cheapest. You can also quickly see which courses have the highest academic value. You can also easily see the learning level of each class.

Second, it provides a cumulative score. This allows you to rank each class against other classes. These rankings take into account all three factors so you can see how each class compares to the others.

Online Course On Philosophy Of Science

When choosing an online philosophy course for certification or an online philosophy course for college credit, the more information you have, the easier it is to make an informed decision. Below is a description of the three elements we used to create the rankings to give more details on the process below.

Some online philosophy courses are free. Others require you to pay a fee. However, others are online philosophy courses for college credit and require you to pay tuition and fees.

This means there is wide variability in the economics of these classes. Since course price is often the most important factor for students, we value affordability above the other two factors.

Affordability is important, but it’s not the only thing to consider when choosing an online philosophy course.

Buy Archetypes Of Wisdom: An Introduction To Philosophy (mindtap Course List) Book Online At Low Prices In India

In some cases, free courses may be the best option. For example, if you want to take a course for fun, free classes are ideal. However, taking an online philosophy course for college credit costs more.

As mentioned above, free online philosophy courses are usually less expensive than online philosophy courses for college credit. One of the reasons is the difference in academic values.

Academic value is the term we use to describe the educational benefits a course provides. For example, an online philosophy course for college credit offers more academic value than a free online philosophy course. Earning college credits can help you get your degree. Free courses do not provide that benefit.

When reviewing academic merit, we also consider whether a course is offered at an accredited school. Earning credits at accredited schools is helpful because it increases the chances of transferring credits earned to other schools.

Philosophy: Names, Schools, And Ideas

We also look at the number and type of learning materials provided with the lessons. The more resources available, the higher the academic value of the course.

The third factor we used to rank these online philosophy courses is level of study. As shown below, the higher the learning level, the more points you will earn on the course.

Advanced courses earn more points because they tend to focus on much narrower topics. For example, the Introduction to Philosophy course covers a wide range of topics. However, none of these topics have been studied in detail. However, the Philosophy of Religion course focuses on a narrower topic: religion.

Also, advanced courses usually have much more complex assignments. This means intermediate and advanced courses offer greater challenges for students.

Photolosophy: Photography Philosophy Course

It’s also important to understand the learning level of the course, so take a class that fits your needs. If you are majoring in philosophy, you probably don’t need to take the beginner’s course. However, if you are looking for your first philosophy course, the beginner course is what you need.

Now that you have a better understanding of the ranking system, let’s take a look at our ranking of the 14 best online philosophy courses.

This online philosophy course for college credit is offered by Thomas Edison State University. 3 semester credits. This course focuses on the philosophy of religion.

The philosophical question of religion as a human structure is explored. This means you will be discussing the evidence for God’s existence. We will also discuss various religious experiences from around the world.

Yoga Philosophy Workshop Live Online

We will read some of the most influential religious texts to learn about religion and its philosophical nature.

Academic Value: High. These courses are offered by accredited schools. Credits earned are likely to be transferred to other schools. This is also an upper level undergraduate course. This makes it more difficult from an academic point of view.

This online philosophy course with certificate is offered by Fort Hays State University. It is actually a 9 credit certificate program. This means that you will need to take 3 classes to earn your certification.

You can choose from a variety of classes to meet the requirements of your certificate. You can learn:

Online B.a. Program

Fort Hays State University also offers subject-specific philosophy courses. This course allows you to study the philosopher of your choice when such studies are not otherwise possible.

All three courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. These courses are instructor-led, so you may need to “meet” online at specific times or have specific deadlines.

Academic Value: High. This certificate program is offered by an accredited school. Credit can also be earned for each course in the certificate program.

This online philosophy

International Leadership: Politics And Philosophy In Leadership

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