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Online Course Printmaking – Depending on your previous experience, you will have the chance to try many different techniques or to research and apply one. Those with more experience can work on their own projects throughout the course in the technique of their choice.

Our printmaking courses will allow you to focus on different aspects of experiments, techniques or projects and cover a range of traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques to include:

Online Course Printmaking

You will understand the principles of different types of printing and develop confidence in using presses, equipment and processes. Many students enjoy the challenge of inventing a new technique.

Linocut Printmaking For Beginners

You will also be able to share your findings with members of the course and discuss technical issues in a supportive and fun working group setting.

By working in a group, you will be invited to observe and discuss what other people are doing, expanding your knowledge and inspiring you to develop your own ideas.

You can be as traditional or experimental as you like, and once inside the print room you can choose to follow the course structure or simply take the opportunities to do your own thing, depending on your level and experience.

You don’t need previous printmaking experience, but if you do, you can build on what you already know. Sketchbooks or drawings are useful if available as they can be used as a starting point for ideas and print work, although the tutor may provide alternative starting points.

Linocut Techniques, Tools, Supplies, Ink And Beginner Tips — Linocut Artist

Prints can be messy and although aprons are provided, it may be appropriate to wear old clothes. High heels and sandals are not allowed; please wear something low that covers the whole leg. Join Claire for an online Linocut Printmaking workshop. During the workshop you will be carefully guided through each stage of the linocut process and leave with the confidence and skills to continue printing at home. We will cover: different types of lino and how to make them, how to use engraving tools accurately,  many different ways to make marks on lino, how to plan a design, different ways to transfer your design to lino. , inking, how to mix colors by creating a gradient roller and get the perfect print every time. You will be able to see and watch all these live demonstrations up close. You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session and Claire will help you with any areas you are having trouble with. You’ll also have the chance to work on your design ideas with Claire, receiving support and guidance as you go. The workshop will take place via Zoom and will have a maximum of 6 guests for plenty of one-on-one study time. Claire is a friendly and encouraging teacher as well as an experienced carver. He has exhibited with the Society of Wood Carvers at The Mall Galleries in London, as well as being a regular at Oxfordshire open studios. .

Once you’ve booked, Claire will send you a recommended kit list to get you started and let you know exactly where she ordered her tools and lino from. After the workshop you will also be emailed a copy of the Oxford Linocut Workshops guidebook to remind you of all the techniques used on the day.

You will need your own kit which you will learn how to use during the workshop. You will be sent a kit list that includes everything you need to start engraving and printing at home. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Easy – Can be canceled up to 2 weeks before the start of the course and get a full refund

Printmaking (core Creative Skills Cpd Course) — Artworks

Interested in the basic techniques and principles of lino cutting? Enjoy learning the art of linocut with Oxford Linocut Workshops. You will be guided through the entire printing process in a hands-on workshop. You will be instructed by experienced engraver and printmaker Claire Florey-Hitchcox. Suitable for beginners as well as those with a little previous experience – 15s

“This course was very well designed by Claire. She covered all the basics in great detail. She answered all questions patiently and informatively. We ran out of time and couldn’t complete the design.”

“It was the most enjoyable course and a great way to learn something new. It’s really helpful to practice using my own equipment. Claire was a great teacher and has perfected the art of managing an online experience so you can see exactly what to do… probably that’s better face to face! Thank you”

“Absolutely loved this workshop and I learned so much. I would definitely recommend getting the tools Claire recommended as mine just didn’t quite cut it! 3 hours of complete enjoyment flew by. Claire is a lovely friendly and extremely talented artist and teacher. – genuine inspiration. I would recommend this workshop and the guide that followed was a nice touch.”

Beginning Watercolor Woodblock

“Claire’s three hour course was very well organized so that we not only learned a lot but also had the opportunity to practice our new found skills. She took the time to focus on our individual needs. Claire’s work is wonderful and I feel lucky I did. It should be taught by someone very talented and skilled. He is also a delightful person.

“I really enjoyed the lino cut workshop. Claire was very encouraging and inspiring, she is clearly a very talented artist. She was able to pace the workshop so that there was time to learn, time to go and time to go. Start designing lino cut. Claire’ I loved how she focused on us as individuals and walked us through the process together step by step. By the end of the class I felt more confident in my ability to create some beautiful Lino cut designs.”

“What a great way to spend an afternoon learning to linocut from a very talented and inspiring tutor. 3 hours just flew by. Great content.”

“Claire was really lovely and very accommodating when something came up and I was already unable to set an initial date for the course. I picked up lots of useful tips to start my printing journey!”

Printmaking Classes — New York School Of The Arts

“Great course and great tutor. Claire made everything look easy and kept up with everyone’s individual projects so she was able to give us the right level of guidance. And the results looked very professional. Highly recommend.”

“I had a wonderful day yesterday at Claire’s lino print course. Great facilities, great instruction and great company! I learned a lot in a short time and am inspired to continue experimenting with the techniques that Claire teaches so expertly. Definitely one of the best “Art I have participated in “courses”.

“Awesome course, I loved it. Claire is a really great instructor and gives you lots of information and step by step guidance. Highly recommend.”

“A truly memorable course. Claire is very patient, calm and knowledgeable. She took us through different lino cutting techniques and helped us all when we started creating our own designs. The end results were incredibly personal and used many of Claire’s techniques. She taught us . It all takes place in a beautiful country studio with chickens running outside! I will definitely be back again.”

Lino Printing — Dry Water Arts Centre

“It was a really well organized and enjoyable day where we learned how to use tools safely, different techniques and finally how to work on our own prints. Claire was supportive, constructive and helpful.”

“The course was set up perfectly for beginners to lino printing. Claire was really well organised, she had everything set up when we arrived and got on with the day. She helped and supported individuals as well as joining the group. Some people are a more illustrative experience than others but this it didn’t matter because you were able to work on your own level. And with Claire’s amazing footprints around you, it only made you want to explore the subject further.”

“It was a really fun day – working in beautiful conditions walking around the chicken coop Claire was a great tutor – very patient, calm and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend this course”

“This was a very neat, fun and professionally run course. Tutor Claire gave very clear instructions which gave us the confidence to carry out our individual pieces afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend it to anyone interested in arts and crafts . I have only ever made one linocut and that was at school 46 years ago. This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced linocutters.”

Evening Printmaking Course London — Lavender Print School

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