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Online Course Public Speaking

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Free Online Course: Comm101: Public Speaking From Saylor Academy

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If giving presentations or participating during brainstorming sessions makes you nervous, maybe you don’t care about your current remote work setup. But a pandemic might actually be the best time to hone your public speaking skills.

For one thing, many online classes remove the scariest factor – a live audience. When you can pre-record your tasks or simply watch an expert share their tips, the barrier to entry is lowered. And even in courses conducted via Zoom, the presentation via camera eliminates the real panic of going up to the podium.

Public Speaking Masterclass

Plus, the ability to captivate a crowd is invaluable, even when you’re working remotely. Whether you’re trying to make your virtual team more engaging or need to nail those final rounds of job interviews, having more confidence as a presenter can make all the difference in your career.

The courses below range from public speaking and communication tips to storytelling and rhetoric, as your presentation is only as good as your actual speech. Some classes are also free to audit, which means you have access to them, but you won’t receive a grade or certification. If you want to take a paid course or get a certificate of completion, prices can range from $15 to $49 per month, depending on the learning platform.

This Harvard course gets to the root of what makes a compelling argument, looking at some of the best-known political speeches in American history. Students jot down examples of rhetorical devices and listen as teachers unravel what makes each speech memorable as they craft a persuasive essay of their own. There is also a section devoted to advice on public speaking, helping students apply their new knowledge to create an unforgettable presentation.

This University of Toronto course seems especially useful right now as it specifically focuses on distance public speaking skills. More than ever, it’s important to be as engaging as possible on video, and this course covers everything from making virtual meetings less boring to delivering compelling presentations over Zoom. This is particularly useful if you are already a manager or work in a professional environment where you conduct virtual meetings quite frequently.

Winning Presentation Skills Online Course Registration

Impactful storytelling isn’t just useful to you as an individual – when done well, it can spur meaningful change through collective action. Through this groundbreaking class at the University of Michigan, students learn how to spark interest by sharing the compelling personal experiences of protagonists that audiences can relate to. Lessons in this course can be applied to a variety of careers, from customer service to nonprofit management.

Offered by the University of Washington, this is the first of four courses in the Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization on Coursera. As an introductory class, it covers rehearsal techniques and speechwriting tips to reduce presentation jitters. Students practice recording themselves and receiving feedback so they can gradually become more self-confident speakers. The more advanced courses in this specialization focus on specific types of public speaking, such as informational presentations and motivational speeches.

Mel Robbins is a CNN host, one of the most popular TEDx speakers of all time, and the most booked female speaker in the world, so she definitely knows a thing or two about carrying yourself with confidence. In about five hours of videos, she tackles one of the biggest obstacles to public speaking: imposter syndrome. With tactics to help you lower anxiety and overcome similar mental blocks, her class doesn’t just help you speak to a crowd – it shows you how to move through the world with a greater conviction of your own worth.

Cost: Free with 1-month LinkedIn Learning trial; $19.99 or $29.99 per month thereafter depending on your subscription plan

Unitar And Conflux Center Launch Online Course On Speechwriting And Public Speaking Skills For Multilateral Diplomacy: Cases & Insights From The United Nations

LinkedIn Learning’s most popular public speaking course, “Communicating with Confidence”, emphasizes the importance of your physical presence as a speaker. The class guides you through breathing techniques and other tips to slow down your speech, manage your facial expressions, and maintain self-confident body language to help you feel less nervous when it’s your turn to present. Once you finish the course, you can add a certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile for employers to see if you like.

Robin Roberts, Emmy Award-winning co-host of “Good Morning America,” shares her tips on connecting with audiences in a more meaningful way. She tackles vulnerability and how to “make your message your mess” before diving into public speaking strategies that can help you stand out in a job interview, ask what you’re worth at work, and even feel more confident. comfortable on TV (if the occasion arises).

Written by Chris Anderson, head of TED, this audiobook shares insights from all of TED’s top speakers, from educator Sir Ken Robinson to Monica Lewinsky. It’s less about subscribing to a set of guidelines and more about exploring tips from public speakers who do it better. As a bonus, the book is also sprinkled with tidbits and TED history, if you’re a hardcore TEDx fan in general.

Available in both English and Chinese, this course provides a complete public speaking education. He addresses common issues like “data dumping” that can make stories difficult to follow, and teaches the key attributes of a successful speech. You will also receive a certificate of completion at the end.

Public Speaking Classes

TED Talk thought leader, motivational speaker, and author Simon Sinek shares his best public speaking secrets in this fast-paced, one-of-a-kind class. In about 30 minutes, he shows you how to identify what you’re most passionate about, use your nerves to your advantage by converting them into an energetic stage presence, and reduce any volume in your speech to get to the heart of what you really want to say. It’s perfect if you have a big presentation or interview coming up in the next few days (with little time to prepare), or just want to dive into public speaking without making a big commitment.

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Julene Renee can help you with ALL aspects of standing up in front of a crowd and speaking with confidence. Her varied experience as an actress, dancer, choreographer, motion capture instructor and spiritual light bearer supports her unique ability to help you learn new skills in a fun and organic way. Click here for the full biography.

Public Speaking Online Course

****FORMATION OF NEW CLASSES**** To put your name on the list of requests for classes from the Julene Renee GROUP, click HERE. (This is not a commitment, but rather an indication that you are interested in a group class.)

Jeff Rector has been teaching acting for over 20 years. Jeff Rector is an actor working with over 100 television and film credits to his name. He is also an award-winning filmmaker. Click here for the full biography.

Jeff Rector teaches from his studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. He can also travel to you

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