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Online Course Recorded Sessions – During the lockdown, and clearly referred to as a period of uncertainty, the internet began to show its importance in a way that we students had previously ignored. In the month of April, reading articles about marketing was all about knowing how experts are uncertain about how to market their products and how the market is going to send a chilling note down the spine.

But luckily, reading marketing experts and seeing their expressions on how digital marketing is going to change the marketing scenario gave me a new hope and way of working. But how do I learn digital marketing? That means everything around is closed; How do I join the class? Come on, who am I kidding? We live in the world of modern technology and acquiring any knowledge is now available at our finger tips.

Online Course Recorded Sessions

My first learning tool was YouTube. The advantage is that you just sit in front of the screen with an internet connection and listen to the expert with a concentrated mind. Focused mind??? (Pause) Anyway thanks for the short videos on YouTube and sorry for the long ones I didn’t click.

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Online courses have been around for a long time but during the lockdown, it has received a different boost altogether. Many training institutes started reworking their marketing campaigns and offering discounts like never before.

A major drawback of these online courses is the pre-recorded content, which may have been done a year or two ago. When I was trying for digital marketing, the tools they featured seemed to be outdated and even YouTube didn’t help much, as digital marketing tools keep changing every few months.

A month has passed since the lockdown and our university has instructed the professors to take classes online to keep up with the times. Google classrooms, Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex have become our new lecture halls. It was all new to us, but the learning machine in us made it very easy to understand and quickly adapt as needed.

But the truth is that virtual classrooms can never replace physical classrooms. And in such an epidemic situation, and thinking of experiencing your favorite physical classes is like saying bad luck to you. But an interactive platform for learning can be provided.

Ies Gate Academy

There are some organizations that provide assignments with pre-recorded classes to make it more effective. But the fact is that conversation is what makes any classroom interesting and effective, whether it’s virtual or physical.

Apart from virtual classrooms for academic subjects, I have come across a digital marketing course (as I was looking for) that offers live sessions (as in the classes are not pre-recorded) and it is very similar. In the physical classroom in terms of interaction. In other words, the trainer teaches through the software while we are in the digital room. what else We can ask the instructor any questions about the topic there and then. And I’m glad to hear that because that’s exactly what I wanted.

Moreover, my main motive for taking this live session course was that I could finally learn the updated digital marketing tools of today, not the old ones. Hooray! Trust me it was a different kind of joy. Because seeing outdated features in pre-recorded sessions made me lose interest in the field of study and I wanted to become proficient.

We all know how Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are upgrading every few months for privacy policy purposes or business platforms. From this pattern, you can only imagine that tools and techniques such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising Features and so on are frequently upgraded to stay competitive in the market and hence it is important. To know those upgraded versions.

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Finding its way to marketing on digital platforms like internet, search engines, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, e-commerce platform is changing so much that what is new feature today may be outdated next month and learning this. Videos recorded years ago are just a waste of time.

In these past few months, I finally came across an organization that provided me with a digital marketing course and helped me learn the current day digital marketing techniques and tools. It also gave me a platform where I could personally approach the trainer for any related queries and revisit the classes to practice what was taught.

Attending this course was even better than the pre-recorded online courses I have attended before. why Because there was some conversation on both sides! Finally, a platform is available for online classes where students can contribute to the class. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

But every coin has two sides and unfortunately, the concept of live classes also comes with some drawbacks. Let’s be honest, attending such live classes when you are at home is not an easy task at any time due to the inevitable responsibilities. And my bad, sometimes I miss the conversation and the worst is when I ask a doubt and at that moment, I need to leave the class because of “work”.

Songwriting Tool Kit (recording) • Southeast Asia Music Academy Online

Well, that’s another story but one of the things I loved most about the pre-recorded classes was that I was the master of my time. I can log in and go through courses anytime and anywhere. I can also pause and rewind the video.

It’s funny how we humans are blessed with all the skills and yet how ignorant we are to be grateful for these resources. Let’s take advantage of the time and resources readily available on our end, because you never know when a new learning could be potentially life-changing.

This workshop will enable students to create a strong profile on LinkedIn. It mainly focuses on educating students on how to network and find internship and job opportunities on LinkedIn.

Mr. Suhas Rajput has been involved in free-lance training and development, coaching and mentoring for over 10+ years with the sole aim of building participants and bringing out the best in them.

A Comprehensive Guide About Advantages Of Online Courses

With more than a decade of corporate experience, his training programs include live examples and situation-based learning situations In this third installment of the Orchestral Sessions series, music composer Olajide Paris covers the prep work you need to do before any orchestral recording session.

Olajide Paris is an American musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist, sample library developer, and entrepreneur based in the Republic of Georgia.

In any recording session, the most important work happens before the session begins. This is even more true for orchestral recordings. Because so many musicians are involved, good preparation can save you a lot of time, and time in the studio is worth money! In this course, music arranger and producer Olajide Paris covers essential tips and workflows to ensure your recording sessions run smoothly.

Orchestral musicians often rely on their conductors as an indicator of tempo, but for music that is synchronized to the picture, it must be recorded on a click track! Olajide includes different ways to set up click tracks in different DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro X and Pro Tools). He explains how to best deal with tempo changes, count-ins, and odd time signatures frequently used in cinematic music. You’ll find out why you should change the default click track in your DAW to a classic Yurei metronome sound, and how to do it. You’ll learn how to export tempo maps, create and export stems, create a session tracker file, and more…

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So check out this course by composer and orchestrator Olajide Paris and get ready for your next recording session!

Copy the link below and paste it on email, forum or Facebook to share it with your friends. In recent times, online schooling and online courses have gained momentum. The pandemic has forced the world to rethink the education system.

However, the concept of online courses was known even before the global pandemic. Now the questions arise, what are the benefits of online courses and how effective are they?

Let’s take a deeper look into this topic and try to measure the effectiveness of online courses for ourselves.

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Online courses refer to courses taken over the Internet. They can be live sessions or recorded courses.

The main feature of online courses that differentiates them from regular classroom courses is that they use internet space and require a device to access them.

Online courses can be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous classes refer directly to sessions. These classes are conducted live through video conferencing and follow a fixed time schedule that students must follow.

Asynchronous classes refer to classes that do not have a direct session. Students can attend these classes at their convenience

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