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Online Course Specialization – Coursera partners with leading companies and universities to offer certified certifications covering a variety of courses. One of the key benefits of a Coursera certification is that it provides students with job-ready skills and tools to help them apply for relevant jobs.

We’ve done some research to find the best Coursera certifications that can increase your chances of getting a job after certification. The degree program reached the top-10 list offered by such well-known companies as Google, IBM, and Meta.

Online Course Specialization

All degrees are recognized around the world and should be followed in 2023. The cost of obtaining a Coursera certificate is cheap (between $234 – $600), and it is a good way to build new skills.

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The Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Professional Certificate teaches students the fundamentals of online marketing and eCommerce. You can use these courses to help other companies grow or build your own online business from scratch.

As one of Google’s best decisions in the digital age, this Coursera course will prepare you for the future of digital marketing with an overview of how to use key tools like Google Analytics, Canva, Convert, and more.

86% of business leaders believe that digital commerce will be the key to growth in the coming years, and eCommerce opportunities are growing every day. The Google Digital Marketing course takes you on a complete journey through the skills and knowledge required to navigate the digital world.

You’ll begin with a comprehensive overview of digital commerce and eCommerce, explaining the jobs you might be able to find in the industry and exploring the potential benefits of each career you choose. Next, you’ll discover how to engage and convert customers using digital marketing, identifying customer personas, building marketing channels, and using SEO.

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The course also provides a comprehensive overview of how to meet customers online, both through online stores and content tools such as email marketing.

With everything from building and launching e-commerce stores to using analytics and measurement tools to improve customer service, this course opens many career doors. You’ll be able to build and promote your e-commerce store from scratch, design a better store for your customers, or explore the wider world of marketing.

The program includes approximately 152 hours of instruction and assessment based on real-world simulations. You will need up to 6 months to complete the course at a pace of 10 hours per week. Coursera charges $39 per month, so you can expect to pay $234 for a full 6 months.

Another great alternative to the Google Digital Marketing Certification offered by Coursera is the Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle with the DMI Pro certification. A list of the best advertising marketing decisions includes a detailed review of all known decisions.

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Information is everywhere in today’s world. It helps drive better business decisions and ensures you know your customers better. It is a powerful tool for building critical applications, such as machine learning models. The IBM Data Science Coursera certification shows students how to use this data without prior experience.

You will discover everything there is to know about data science, the different activities involved in data science, and how to work with clean, efficient data.

IBM’s data science courses focus on providing aspiring digital professionals with the fundamental knowledge needed to excel in data science. You will discover the tools and languages ​​used by professional scientists and learn how to apply different techniques and skills to project reporting.

At a time when the demand for data science professionals is greater than ever, this 9-course program will provide you with a variety of job-specific tools and skills, including advice on how to use open source tools, databases, SQL, and statistical analysis.

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You’ll also get hands-on training in the IBM cloud, using real-time data science tools, so you’re ready to jump into a new role. By the time you finish the course, you’ll have a complete portfolio to share with your employers.

An information science degree opens the door to careers that are analytical and data-driven in the digital world. You can search for a role as a data scientist or view roles related to:

This professional certificate consists of 9 courses, each with between 3-6 modules, which take approximately 2-4 hours to complete. If you study for less than 4 hours a week, you will take about 11 hours to complete the course. Subscriptions cost $39 per month, bringing the total price to $429.

Read our Library of IBM Data Science Professional Certification to find out if this is the best Coursera solution for your needs.

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Project management is an easy and fast-paced career, perfect for anyone who likes to solve problems. If you are looking for a good certificate program to strengthen your leadership and management skills, this may be the course for you. Google Project Management Certification will guide you through everything you need to succeed in the inbound market.

With your project management certificate, you’ll be on the fast track to the 500,000 job openings in the world of project management. You’ll also be able to apply for jobs directly with Google, as well as with over 150 Google partners.

Google’s Certificate in Management prepares students for high-growth roles in business management. You’ll gain the skills needed to prepare for entry-level jobs, such as how to create modern projects and implement scrum. You will practice important, transferable skills such as effective communication and problem solving.

With tasks to test your abilities, this Google Professional test makes it easy to understand complex concepts like project documentation. As part of the course, which includes more than 140 hours of instruction, you will create budgets, manage procurement, use project management tools, and manage escalations.

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The program also allows you to study more than 100 hours of project management knowledge, which can prepare you for a PMI (Project Management Project) certificate such as an Associate Certificate in Project Management if you want to further your education.

By 2027, estimates show that employers will need up to 87.7 million people to fill roles related to project management, which is a high-demand role.

With your project management certificate, you’ll be able to find a career as a project manager, team leader, or risk analyst. You can also specialize in project management, such as product management.

At a rate of 10 hours per week, this course will take 6 months to complete. Priced at $39 per month, you will pay $234 if you complete the course within this 6-month period.

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Read the Google Coursera Certifications Guide to find out if this is the best Coursera certification for your needs.

Provided by Meta (Formerly Facebook), this social media marketing guide is one of the best online guides for anyone interested in social media marketing. You can launch a fulfilling career in social media marketing with this degree, building job-ready skills to help create, implement, and analyze effective campaigns.

Meta walks students through building fast data and creating powerful social media profiles in a competitive world. The certificate is ACE-required and is available in several languages.

Social media marketing is one of the most popular forms of online marketing for many products. Learning how to use social media can help students develop their brand online or give them the tools they need to help other companies.

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This 6-course program at Meta will prepare you for an entry-level role in the social media industry, as well as provide you with the opportunity to find employment through Meta Career Programs, which connects you with top employers looking for students with these specific skills. .

The course covers everything from social media marketing techniques to how to manage your campaigns to Meta Ads Manager and what it takes to monitor and analyze all of your marketing efforts effectively. You’ll even practice making a presentation on the marketing plan you worked on at the end of the course.

Meta’s Social Media Marketing Guide focuses on equipping beginners with the perfect entry-level role in social media marketing. The course covers more than just Meta assets like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll also look at TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Some of the activities you will be able to do after receiving your certificate include the following:

At the rate of 2 hours per week, you will be able to complete this course in 7 months. Your monthly fee for Coursera will be approximately $46 per month, so you will spend $322 for the entire course.

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Read our Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certification Review to find out if this is the right course for you to pursue.

The best way to prepare for a future-proof career, Intuit’s Bookkeeping Professional certification provides a basic understanding of basic bookkeeping and accounting concepts. You can use this course to develop the skills you need to help clients with bookkeeping requirements, working in a variety of test areas.

Whether you’re just starting out in the financial industry or looking for a mathematical transition, Coursera’s education will provide it all

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