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Online Course Textile Design – Have you ever dreamed of designing your own printed fabric or wallpaper? Learn to create seamless repeating patterns! In this course, you will learn to create beautiful, fun and colorful digital textile designs with a professional textile designer!

Creating seamless repeat patterns is a great way to expand your design toolkit and take your career to the next level! This workshop is suitable for people from any field who want to learn something new. Also for fashion and interior designers who want to expand their skills, illustrators, artists and graphic designers who want to bring their illustrations to life on fabrics, or textile designers who need to refresh their digital design techniques.

Online Course Textile Design

You will learn to design digital patterns and print them on fabric to create the products you want!

Textile Design Ba (hons)

At the end of the lesson, I will give you a list of textile printers where you can print your own fabrics all over the world!

Below you can see the final textile collection designs created by students who completed the Digital Textile Design 2022 online workshop.

I am Daniela Perez Nagel. I am a product and textile designer from Santiago, Chile. He specializes in textile and surface design in Australia and Spain. My passion is related to everything related to design, art, patterns, colors and textures. I also love teaching!

My approach to life is to open creativity in others and share my experiences with creative people around the world. I strongly believe that with colorful designs and various expressions of art you can make people happy!

Fashion Textile Design Online Short Course

I studied digital textile design at RMIT University in Melbourne. Since then, I have combined all my passions and started creating my own collections of fabrics.

Over the last few years I have discovered 2 new passions in my life: Textile Design and Teaching. In 2018, I lived in Europe for 2 years where I organized workshops in different countries to teach digital textile design (Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Milan and Rome). I believe that it is always important to acquire new skills, which is why I took textile design courses at LCI in Barcelona and Berlin. I lived in Europe for 2 years where I traveled doing Workshops. I also had the opportunity to teach design at the Fashion School Accademia del Lussoin in Milan and collaborated during workshops with the specialized Concept Store for Independent Designers Lone Design Club in Milan.

In 2021, I founded La Tiendita Textil in Chile, which is the first online store with exclusive fabrics made in Chile by Chilean designers as well as by designers from around the world. At La Tiendita Textil, various designers were invited to contribute to the creation of exclusive collections for sale in the store. Many of them were students of my renowned Digital Textile Design Workshop. This initiative has created a large community of creative women who have joined this project to bring to the market a wide range of unique, high-quality textiles, different styles full of identity, expression of ideas, art and creativity.

I currently live in Santiago, Chile, doing many projects with fabrics and patterns, as well as teaching online Digital Textile Design workshops in English and Spanish around the world. College: London College of Fashion Facilitator: Paulette Colman Description We are all surrounded by fabrics every day of our lives and whether we are interested in fashion or not, we are aware of the constant discovery of new colors, patterns and fabric designs. But what do you know about the fibers that make up fabrics and their manufacturing processes?

Free Fashion & Textile Designing Course In Lahore 2015 June New Dandy School Of Fashion Design Navttc In Lahore, Punjab, Express On 21 Jun 2015

In this course, you will learn about the different types of fibers, both natural and synthetic, and the processes involved in creating a wide range of commercially produced fabrics.

Each week will consist of live online workshops, discussions, individual assignments, personal feedback from the tutor and further information on fabric making.

The course is ideal for anyone interested in fabrics and curious about how they are made.

Perhaps you are starting a job in the textile industry or considering a career in buying, selling or designing clothes and want to learn more about the fabrics that make clothes.

Study Fashion & Textile Design

Our short online courses will allow you to experience the London College of Fashion anywhere in the world.

Real-time chat sessions are fully interactive, allowing you to easily communicate with your tutor at the same time as other students. Additionally, all LCF online short courses include:

For more information on how to prepare for an online course, including what equipment you will need, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Paulette Colman has worked in the textile design, retail and apparel manufacturing industries for over 40 years, the last 20 of which being the Materials Director for a major clothing manufacturer for major UK and international brands.

Digital Textile Design Online Course

Specifically, she has worked in the product development area – sourcing and developing fabrics around the world for a variety of clients ranging from high-end designers, high-end retailers and large supermarkets.

Paulette has extensive experience working closely with fabric suppliers, especially in the Far East, and has led an international team of fabric specialists in the UK, China and India for many years.

Paulette brings to the course extensive insight into the wide range of fabrics available: how they are made; their properties and potential; and in-depth knowledge of the textile industry.

Paulette has a BA with Honors in Textile Design from the University of Leeds and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Surface Pattern And Textile Design

In order to fully participate in practical exercises, please have the following materials/equipment for the first class:

A good broadband connection is also required (3G/4G mobile data or mobile dongle may not provide enough bandwidth).

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