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Online Course Writing For The Web – Become an expert web content writer. Learn how to write for all formats, and get in-depth mentoring & critique on your writing from our expert coaches.

What if you could learn the professional writing skills used by TOP-NOTCH content creators in just one week?

Online Course Writing For The Web

However, you won at English at school. Maybe in college, your professor gave you STRAIGHT A’s for your essays.

Paid Online Writing Jobs: Are You A Content Writer? 10 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You For Your Writing!

So why do you feel like your college degree wasn’t for this new world of online writing?

In fact, I say the essay writing style you learned in college is the #1 bad habit keeping you from the explosive online writing career of your dreams. And that’s what I’m here to help you kick for good,  before teaching you how to write for the web and frame the 11 best formats, in Unlearn Essay Writing.

All the professional writing books and business courses you’ve taken have done nothing to help you achieve your goals.

If you don’t get rid of it completely, you’ll never engage with your readers, impress your boss, or win several high-paying clients.

Online Business Writing Courses

Are you ready to ditch the clunky style your college professor taught you that is preventing you from getting a ton of engagement online? Ready to replace those bad habits with THE powerful skills content creators use to pull in eight figures for their businesses year after year? …

The Unlearn Essay Writing Course is really everything you need to write for the web, so you can successfully transition into a part-time or full-time job in content creation and marketing.

This course is your ONLY ticket to practice writing stuffy, clunky and INTO engaging essay writing your audience wants.

It’s full of all the online writing secrets I’ve discovered in my nearly ten years of creating content. A secret that allowed me to grow my Express Writers content agency from a tiny $0 startup to a growing $5 million brand.

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Zero-fluff video lessons. Say goodbye to 500-page “how to write” books full of jargon and boring, unbroken paragraphs. My no-frills video lessons take you straight to learning the ABCs of great writing in ONE week.

Workshop style tutorial. “Look over my shoulder” and watch me write a piece of content from scratch. In this never-before-seen tutorial style, I take an idea and turn it into a high-quality blog.

My secret sauce for writing, tools, and techniques. With these in your toolbox, you’ll never have to look at a blank Dock and a blinking cursor again.

Lots of bonuses and resources. Enhance your writing with power words, writing tools, links to resources and books, and a copywriting formula that will persuade your audience to do what you want.

Why You Should Start A Blog To Promote Your Online Course Business

Lifetime access. Your one-time payment gives you immediate and permanent access to ALL the material in my course. Plus, the evergreen course I’ll be relaunching later in the year and all the upgrades and updates after that.

A library of templates. Make content creation super easy with 11 content templates to use whenever you need them. No more brainstorming your content layout – add your own words into my ready-made templates, and you’re good to go!

Unlearn Essay Writing Course Mentoring by Julia: Included in the course! Get personal feedback from me on a 1,000-word piece of content you write. I work with you to edit, review, and provide rationale

When I’m 100% confident you have client-worthy skills, and your content reaches the standards I know clients love (which will be the easy/fun part, since you have submitted the work by going through the course!) , you will receive The Unlearn Essay Writing Course certificate to add to your portfolio. This promise is POWERFUL! And, $500+ worth alone in coaching costs alone!

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Hi, I’m Julia McCoy, and I’ve been teaching writers to solve the essay writing habit for almost ten years.

And I want to continue the trend. In fact, I personally sift through most of the writer candidates I receive each week (and only hire 1% of them). Out of the larger group, I cultivate a small team that writes to me personally.

Since 2011, I have been working with my team of writers, first to help them “unlearn” the bad essay habits their college professor taught them and then to learn how to create first-rate content.

Because yes, even the best writers I’ve worked with carry around a piece of this bad practice in their systems.

Online Self Study Course

After nine years of intense training, I’ve come up with: a smart system that takes writers from producing clunky, fluff-filled writing to engaging, fun, and in-demand content.

And I don’t want to keep this system to myself. It’s time all aspiring writers had hands on training that could be done.

Erin is part of my small team of personal writers – the writers who create content for my brands.

She is a history graduate with a natural passion for writing. Like me, she has loved writing since she was 12! (Natural passion is a great place to start as a writer.)

Web Developer Resume For 2023

After she wrote it, she posted it to read. I opened the document and read this:

“UX has become a very relevant topic in recent years, but it is a field that is still somewhat obscure and unknown because it is still early in its growth. However, it is clear that this area is rapidly becoming an important area of ​​focus for business, so there is a lot of potential in this industry.”

I knew I had to lead Erin as I had led dozens before her. And I did. I helped her “unlearn” the practice of essay writing and replaced it with the skills and techniques I used to build my brand.

“Think of your business as a restaurant. You are the chef, and your job is to produce really good food (content) that they will like. … Now that you have the four-step recipe for getting past your inner critic to content that matters, you’re ready to publish great stuff. “

Academic Writing Workshop & Short Course, Week 3: Argumentation & Navigating The Peer Review Process, Faculty Perspectivess — American Institute For Indonesian Studies (aifis)

A big improvement. Erin is now earning a paycheck, doing what she loves – starting with being on my organization’s payroll!

It’s not easy to go from filling to delicious – from delicious and boring to a feast of rich, attractive content.

And a mentor needs to know how to go about doing this, if you don’t have the slightest idea.

So far, I’ve only done this training internally with my top writers. And it takes them to a place of regular income, where they earn assignments EVERY week. Today, I am opening this training for you, in this special training course.

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“I like all the valuable information you provide in the Unlearn Essay Writing Course. For me, this is the first time I will do a course on writing, and I really wanted to do it because I have been writing in social media and my blog in the past. With your course I have gained enough knowledge and resources to get me started and feel like I now know what I’m doing. . It’s just beautiful. Compared to other courses that are recordings of live sessions, the refined style of your course is truly stimulating, engaging and educational. the Unlearn Essay Writing Course! -Marielle Fois, Coach & Content Creator

“I’m taking the Unlearn Essay Writing Course very slowly and taking my time to absorb as much as I can to improve my writing. I love it!” -Nicole Kolesar, founder of KPress Copywriting

“I just want to thank Julia McCoy for sharing your “secrets” in the Workshop Style Set Up for Success, in the Unlearn Essay Writing Course. This tutorial was very interesting to ‘understanding the creative process’. —Pascal Lanot, Writer

“Julia’s Unlearn Essay Writing course is insightful and accessible. It has long-term value that will benefit students in the long run. I am so grateful that a friend recommended me to take this course. I am honored do the same for you!” – Pete Ziolkowski, Content Creator

Writing Together: Ten Weeks Teaching And Studenting In An Online Writing Course: 9780814159231: Warnock, Scott, Gasiewski, Diana: Books

“I spent some time yesterday working through the Unlearn Essay Writing Course modules and, as always, I was very impressed with how thorough you are and I love the time taken to -in for NO ACTION. I really love the background music you chose too, it just makes the whole thing feel relaxing, inviting, and like I’m working with a higher purpose! ?” —Sarah Schaefer Christopher, Writer at Sarah S. Christopher

“As a published playwright and former English teacher of over 20 years, I consider myself a writer, but writing for social media and the internet is really a different animal. If you want to feel really confident about your social media content writing, you want to take Julia’s Unlearn Essay Writing Course. It is an amazing experience where you learn all your bad behaviors and learn all your good behaviors on how to do the right kind of writing for digital platforms. because of

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