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Video training as a method of personnel training and development. When the Covid-19 hit and shook Indonesia, it was felt that offline training activities were greatly affected. A lot of face-to-face training needed to be stopped to prevent additional casualties.

Online Training

Finally, from there emerged new ways to continue training employees so that they can adapt to all the challenging conditions. Of course, all this is supported by technological developments. Where technological developments provide many new things as alternative media for human resource development. And this is what is used as an online learning method.

Customer Education: How To Build A Great Online Corporate Training Program

Online training usually uses the webinar method, which involves speakers and participants meeting on an online platform. Although apart from the webinar method, online training can be done in a variety of ways, taking advantage of the technological advancements available. Various online learning methods that can be implemented, for example, through books or e-reading, audio recordings (podcasts), as well as video training.

If during the work there are some theories that are forgotten, then we easily look back at previously studied videos instead of re-reading the training modules. Of course, this is the advantage of Video Learning.

Unlike directly delivered face-to-face material, where consistency of delivery is difficult to do exactly the same on each iteration. By learning through video training, each audience can see the delivery the same way over and over again.

Indeed, the cost of creating video training may initially look quite different compared to face-to-face training. However, given that the video can be seen by more than 1000 employees and can be studied repeatedly, the cost of making Video Learning as a learning/training method is considered effective in saving the company’s training budget.

Ahli K3 Umum

With the above three advantages, the Video Learning Method can be considered as an alternative method that has many advantages when conducting online learning. The video training method is a fun method for employees, participants and organizers who prioritize quality to keep up with the times as well as technological advancements.[]

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Dale Carnegie > Reference > Articles > Articles > Self-paced eLearning or Live Online Learning? Which e-learning mode should you adopt for your organization?

Learning Management Systems, or LMS for short, have been around for years, bridging the gap between technology and education for schools and even workplaces. For a while it looked like self-directed e-learning was the answer. learners could log in at any time, complete the assignments at whatever pace they felt comfortable with, as long as they completed it within the time limit. In workplaces, they help reduce productivity time at work as employees can complete these online assignments or training modules outside of their working hours. This all sounds good in theory, but over the years, self-directed eLearning has fallen by the wayside, and the LMS industry is projected to decline from $46.6 billion to $33.4 billion in 2021 due to a lack of innovation.

Promoting A Continuous Learning Mindset With Online Training

, instead of what it should be: a trip. Reflection and persistence over time are key to encouraging behavior and attitude change, and having a certified mentor or coach to guide them toward this is key. These are some of the soft skills learning requirements that self-directed eLearning does not adequately address.

However, it is worth noting that self-study still has its strengths in providing permanent content such as standards, procedures or compliance for companies. The nature of these courses is content-based and does not require a live facilitator to ensure that learning takes place. For these types of courses, allowing participants to plan their own time and pace to complete them can be more beneficial.

Enter a new modern approach to e-learning, the Live Online format. The Live Online e-learning format redefines learning as a process using modern technological advances, incorporating interactivity into its teaching methodology. As the name suggests, this format is taught live and coached. Instead of a mechanical algorithm determining your passing grade in a traditional e-learning scenario, your learning is graded live by another human, keeping you engaged and interested in your own self-development.

Compared to the traditional self-paced e-learning mode, the Live Online format is equipped with features such as personal pointers, raising hands, and emoticons. A typical learning environment in a live online format is small, inclusive, and highly interactive. Participants are encouraged to share, learn from others, and follow discussions. Virtual breakout rooms simulate one-on-one discussions among small groups, allowing for more insightful and meaningful information sharing. Tools such as open whiteboards encourage participants to share their opinions and thoughts, which can turn into a collective debate. The Live Online format is ideal for practicing soft skills that include management, communication and leadership. Because of their subjective nature, these subjects are highly dependent on each other for collaborative learning, which traditional e-learning platforms cannot provide.

What Is Web Based Training? Types, Features, Benefits

On the other hand, Live Online training can pose a scheduling dilemma. Because this format requires everyone to schedule and commit time, this can be logistically difficult for a large group of people. Also, if someone has to miss a live online training class, the scheduling process can be expensive.

Because live online learning and self-paced eLearning can help achieve different goals, both should be included in an organization’s learning and development portfolio. In most cases, the ideal solution is to use both self-paced and live online learning at the same time, depending on the nature of the courses. This allows the organization to enjoy the best of both worlds and reap the benefits of both modes of eLearning. As a general rule, knowledge-based continuous assessments should be implemented through self-paced e-learning. On the other hand, when it comes to assessments where the objectives relate to skill development, such as a leadership course, a Live Online format that allows for on-the-spot feedback may be more appropriate.

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Did you know that when it comes to happy customers, it’s not all about the lowest price? At least not anymore. Now is the time to redefine the era of price wars, as a dramatic increase in price transparency across the globe and across industries has resulted in customers having immediate access to decision making faster than ever.

Panduan Memilih Software Online Training

If not low prices, then what? What are the disruptive factors that will help your business stand out from the competition?

Well, we’ve entered a new era where improved customer experience translates into more sales, lower customer attrition and increased customer retention.

The first rule of sustainable business should be remembered: “It costs five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.” The key is clearly keeping customers and building loyal relationships with them.

And now you can ask: “Okay, easier said than done. How can I improve the customer experience for my business? What can I do to keep my customers happy and loyal? How can I invest in customer retention?”

Expertindo Online Training

This article will lay things out for your business and guide you through the steps to create a great online corporate training program to grow both your business and your workforce and achieve the much-desired improved customer experience.

Online corporate training is a type of 360 business training and development training provided and delivered over the Internet for both clients and employees.

Organizations are opting for online corporate training solutions to ensure that their employees have the necessary skills to perform their jobs effectively, thus enabling businesses to grow and thrive.

Additionally, you can also create an educational corporate training program to introduce your customers to best practices for specific products or services they have purchased from your business.

Hour Online Training: 5 Web Application Attack Trends

You can create an onboarding training program to welcome new customers, allowing them to take courses on how to better use your products or services at their own pace.

You can even implement a full certification program for your customer service department to attract new employees to the department and thus ensure optimal service for your customers.

A successful corporate training program that has assessed the needs of your business stakeholders offers the most effective and fastest way to transfer knowledge through synchronous or asynchronous e-learning courses or a combination of both.

For organizations that embrace the power of online corporate learning, the results are profound. An IBM study found that for every $1 spent on online training, a company gets $30 in productivity. This is great news for businesses of all industries and sizes.

Live, Instructor Led Online Training

Once you’ve assessed your learners’ training needs, you’ll need an online learning platform, a modern LMS,

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